Author: Maggie Voelker

As if the myriad of denim options wasn’t confusing enough, in addition to options like skinny, cropped, flare, wide-leg, boot cut, acid wash, dark was and distressed, colored denim is the newest trend to have been thrown into the mix. In fact, my search for new jeans is beginning to sound a lot like my latte order, “I’ll take a size 27, cropped, skinny jean in mint green. Hold the whip, err contrast stitching.”

No but in all seriousness, take a peek into any magazine or catalog and you’re sure to find a rainbow of colored denim options littering the pages. So if you’ve already jumped on the colored denim bandwagon or you’re considering it, I’m here to share five tips on how to wear these bright colored bottoms. And while the 300 dollar designer pair is a beautiful piece of art, I can’t afford it–I like to eat too much to sacrifice that kind of dough. Instead, I’ve hunted down similar, less-expensive denim pieces to share with you!

1. Stick with skinny jeans or skinny cropped jeans. The wide leg or even boot cut varieties are reminiscent of the 90s.

2. Try a solid, neutral top for a simple way to balance the color, but don’t be afraid of brights on top—color-blocking is very trendy right now.

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3. Wearing all one color is a huge no-no. Looking like the Jolly Green Giant is never okay.

4. Tread lightly with prints. Striped tops or shirts with large patterns and only a few colors are permissible, but avoid busy prints with a rainbow of colors—that can be too much color for one outfit.

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5. Colored pants aren’t just for spring and summer days, take those babies for a night out with a dark top or blazer. Add a statement necklace and you, my pretty little friend, are ready to go.

Finally, for those of you who might have a spillage problem when it comes to food, colored denim hides chocolate and marinara sauce much better than your typical summery white jeans (proven by yours truly). What’s not to love?

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