On this surprisingly warmer-than-usual March day, my desire to go on a vacation somewhere warm is increasing… since I know that after today, the temps are going back into the 40’s 🙁

A year ago from today, I was in the Bahamas with a bunch of friends from school basking (or frying) in the sun, drinking “Supermans,” and going on drunken booze cruises. Two years ago, I spent an amazing semester in LA, and while there I visited the beautiful city of San Diego and beach towns in the O.C. such as Laguna Beach. And when I was younger, I went to Disney World a bunch of times… therefore making it prob my favorite place in the entire world (I’m not very “worldly”… I’ve only left the country once, so this is bound to change – unless, of course, I never leave the country again).

And that leads me to where I am right now. Bored, looking up flights, looking up Disney vacations… AKA making vacations without clicking the purchase button.

My favorite Disney resort I ever stayed at was The Beach Club! It was so nice. The pool was awesome… lots of room to tan. The views were amazing – the Boardwalk was right across the water and you could walk to Epcot. Such a nice atmosphere, so classy, so fun… I vaguely remember a hot tub too. I want to go back.

My family used to stay at The Polynesian which is one of the Magic Kingdom hotels on the monorail… OKAY, after looking at these pictures of the hotel, I’m beginning to think I underestimated the awesomeness of this hotel… It’s soooo nice! I remember walking out the back door to the beach (it was right out the door) and watching the electrical parade go by on the water. Aww, I used to love that 🙁 Anyway, I think that The Beach Club is def geared towards an older crowd… both are pretty awesome though.

Staying at The Polynesian was the reason I had an odd love for Tikis. Or maybe that was one of my brothers… or both of us… Who Knows.

Now, here’s a hotel I never actually stayed at, but it was right next to the Polynesian on the monorail and I always loved it. The Floridian! Such a beautifullllllll place. There were always people getting married there, and I so wanted to be one of them. I remember we went to this Disney character breakfast there all the time. There are horrid pictures of me sporting a fanny pack with Minnie and Mickey Mouse… The experience was good though.

That’s it for my cyber vaca today. Must stop before I get too depressed 🙂


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