Last Monday, I entered my second month on Weight Watchers and after going ‘kind of strong’ for four weeks, I think I needed a f*cking break.

That being said, the past seven days did not hold my proudest moments. But before I get into the problem that is alcohol, please remember how good I was during my first four weeks on Weight Watchers when I managed to lose a whopping six pounds:
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

I think I got ahead of myself when I was all like ‘OMG I CAN DIET ANDDDD HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE ANDDDDD LOSE WEIGHT AT THE SAME TIME’ because no. This week I was totally meh and I’ve got the documentation to show it.

Here’s week 5. Enjoy!

Day 1: Monday

8am: Quest bar (4) for ~protein~

12pm: Barre class.

130pm: Grabbed a grande skinny vanilla latte (4) after class. Then I went home and had Chobani simply 100 yogurt (3) with strawberries (0) and banana slices (0) in it. I also had an apple (0).

230pm: I was still hungry so I had cucumber slices (0) with light ranch veggie dip (3).

5pm: I always get hungry at this time, but it’s too early to eat/make dinner so I end up snacking. In the progression of an hour, I had a cheese stick (1), celery (0) with a wedge of laughing cow cheese (1), and 6 chips (3) with salsa (0).

8pm: For dinner, I balled out and made cheeseburgers. Mine was 8 points for the burger and 2 for the cheese, so in total it was 10 points (I had no bun of course). I also had a baked potato (5) with ‘buttery spread’ (2).

9pm: SkinnyPop (3) of course, because what is 9pm without popcorn?



Day 2: Tuesday

8am: I started the day by going to Starbucks for a latte (4). Then I came home and had cottage cheese (2) with sugar free peaches (0).

1pm: For lunch, I had tuna (0) with light mayo (1) on Udi’s bread (4) and an apple (0).

4pm: Pure Barre.

530pm: Before going to meet a friend for drinks, I had a Quest bar (4).

630pm: I got 2 glasses of wine that I counted for 11 points. Then my friend and I split this Fried Cauliflower appetizer which was delicious. I counted it for 4 points.

9pm: I got home late, but I was starving so I had a bag of SkinnyPop (3), 6 chips (2), and ANOTHER Quest bar (4). The F is wrong with me?
TOTAL POINTS: 39 (28 without wine!)




Day 3: Wednesday

8am: I had a banana (0) and yogurt (3) with strawberries (0) in it.


12pm: I waited until it was a decent temperature outside so I could get an iced coffee. I got a venti iced latte (3) and had a Quest bar (4) and grapes (0) for lunch.

4pm: Pure Barre.

7pm: Somehow I made it through the day without snacking. I think I was mad for what I had eaten the previous two days. For dinner, I had scrambled eggs (1 cup of Egg Beaters = 1 point) with ketchup (REAL ketchup = 2) and 2 chicken sausages (5).

TOTAL POINTS: 18 (out of 30… hmm…)


Day 4: Thursday

8am: Banana (0) and a Quest bar (4).

11am: Skinny vanilla latte (4).

1pm: I was running out of food at this point, so I had my new ‘Better’n Peanut Butter’ (2 tbsp = 3 points) on Udi’s bread (4). I’m not sure what Better’n Peanut Butter is since it’s NOT peanut butter, but I can tell it’s not better. It works though for someone who’s tryna diet.

5pm: ~SkinnyPop~ (3)

8pm: Grilled chicken (3) with Seeds of Change brown rice & quinoa (1/2 cup = 3 points). While cooking dinner, I also had carrots and veggie dip (6, I had a lot of dip, don’t hate).

FITPOINTS GAINED: 0 (Skipped the workout today. #RESTDAY)


Day 5: Friday

8am: This morning, I made Udi’s toast (4) with the Better’n Peanut Butter (2) with banana slices (0) on top! Yum! And pretty.


930am: Pure Barre.

1030am: I got a latte (4) after class.

1230pm: Quest bar (4).

3pm: I had a snack of a cheese stick (1) and carrots (0) and veggie dip (4).

7pm: For dinner, I had scrambled eggs from Egg Beaters (1) with some mozzarella cheese (1) in them with ketchup (1) and some strawberries (0) on the side.


9pm+: I went out and had a shit ton of wine for 21 points.

2am: I came home and ate 10 chips (5) with salsa (0) and a rice cake (1) with 1 tbsp of the fake peanut butter (1). I also counted all of these points at 2am and put them in my Weight Watchers app. I may have a problem, but at least I’m documenting it.

TOTAL POINTS: 50 (29 points if you don’t count the wine, which is less than my daily allowance!)
EXTRA POINTS USED: 21 (that’s literally the wine)


Day 6: Saturday

11am: I had some yogurt (3) with a banana (0).

12pm: Barre.

130pm: I got a latte (4) after class. Then I made lunch: Tuna (0) with light mayo (1) on Udi’s bread (4) with a slice of cheese (2).

3pm: Before heading out to a friend’s birthday, I had I had a rice cake (1) with 1 tbsp of fake peanut butter (1).

430pm+: At the bar, I had 3 ciders which I counted for 25 points, although I’m pretty sure they were more than that. Eek.

6pm: Everyone was ordering food left and right, so I ate the Quest bar (4) I brought with me to attempt to curb my hunger and keep me away from the devil: french fries.

830pm: I was only supposed to stay out for 2 hours because I had work to do but all of a sudden it became 830pm and now I was realllllly hungry. I got a side dish of cheesy brussels sprouts which I counted as 14 points. Eek again.

930pm: I got home and had a f*ck ton of chips for 10 points. Nom.

TOTAL SMARTPOINTS: 69 (44 without alcohol)


Day 7: Sunday

10am: I had a banana (0) before class.

1030am: Pure Barre.

12pm: I got a latte (4) after class and then made a tuna sandwich with a slice of cheese on my GF bread (7).

330pm: Went out to eat with BF’s family and ordered this spaghetti squash pasta dish (3) but I did nottttt like it so I barely touched it.

5pm: I got home and was hungry so I had a Quest bar (4) and a cheese stick (1).

9pm: I was in the ~writing zone~ so I forgot about dinner. I ended up having 2 chicken sausages (5) with some rice (3).

10pm: SkinnyPop (3)



I really f*cked up with the points this week. One day I had like half the points, but most days I went SOOO over. I also had maybe 3 days worth of points in alcohol — and I didn’t even drink that much. Points-wise I guess I drank a lot, but I wasn’t drunk or anything. If I was drinking to get drunk, I would have drank a lot more. Ugh.

For FitPoints, I gained 42. This was almost at my goal of 49, but not quite. I did go to Pure Barre 6 days this week, but I didn’t do any cardio classes or walking. Sigh.

For my weight, I didn’t lose any – but I also didn’t gain any. I’m hoping to do better this week, and stay away from the drink because not only are points from drinking a lot, but alcohol also makes me eat bad things.



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