I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! With long, hot summer days, ice cream is the perfect way to cool down. I followed my heart and it led me to the freezer. Because July 17th is national ice cream day, it is only fitting that we stop adulting for the day, and start scooping out some cold, creamy heaven. The following list includes an official Forever TwentySomething ranking of ice cream flavors, from worst to best.



5. Strawberry

So far, I haven’t heard many people order strawberry ice cream other than my mom (sorry mom). It’s the worst on the list not because it’s bad, but because it’s the worst of the best. Remember the lyrics from Counting Crows “Accidentally in Love”? Well baby, I [don’t] surrender to the strawberry ice cream never ever end of all this love. I guess strawberry ice cream is for lovers. Or health-conscious people. We can pretend this contains fruit, right?

4. Vanilla

Ok, I’m sorry, but vanilla is so boring. It’s classic, and it’s great, and works well with everything, but it’s kind of like the base coat of ice cream flavors! You don’t always have to see it, but it’s a necessary staple for other flavors to go on top. For those twenty-somethings who describe themselves as “plain”, “ordinary” or “classic”, this flavor is for you. Ice ice baby, vanilla! If you love this flavor, you enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and that is okay.


3. Chocolate

Like vanilla, chocolate is also a staple for other flavors. However, it has a stronger flavor, which makes it somewhat better. They say laughter is the best medicine. They lie! It’s chocolate ice cream. The only problem that comes with this flavor is the mess that it leaves on my face…or my clothes. According to the internet, chocolate ice cream lovers are flirtatious and seductive. No wonder it’s not my favorite.


2. Mint chocolate chip

This classic combo is perfect for all ages, but seems to work especially well for twenty-somethings. Twenty-somethings are pretty complicated, like this unique flavor. Most of the time, mint chocolate chip is quite refreshing, and sometimes inspiring. Just think about it, mint chocolate chip colors satisfy not only your tastebuds, but sometimes even your wardrobe choices. Minty hues forever!


1. Cookies & Cream

Who doesn’t love a good Oreo? Just add in creamy vanilla (see #1) and more Oreo cookie chunks, and this flavor is a winner. Plus, the black and white color is so chic. If this is your favorite flavor, you love chunky ice cream. The most important reason why cookies & cream is the greatest flavor is because it signifies how we are all still a kid at heart. This may seem juvenile, but don’t we want to be twenty something forever? I think yes!


I’ll stop the world and melt with you. After all, it’s ice cream o’clock somewhere! What’s your favorite flavor?


My name is Tiffanie Snyder! Studying Media, Culture, and Communications (MCC) at NYU as a twentysomething, I spend my time immersing myself in any kind of movie, book, or magazine I can find. Chai tea is my beverage of choice, and I love almost all food. I have a Pomeranian named Tackle. Join me on my roadtrip down Twentysomething lane.

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