Well, as you may or may not know, I recently moved to Austin from San Diego. While I am totally happy here and have made some awesome friends, I still haven’t found a job yet. And apparently I am just another entitled Millennial that thought finding a new job would be easy. I mean, I had a full-time salaried job in San Diego, so obviously I should have one when I move half-way across the country, right?!

Truthfully, I wasn’t even really applying for jobs during the first few weeks I was here because I was getting settled. But the thought of still being unemployed after two full months of living here honestly never crossed my mind. I also have realized that my concept of the job search is slightly skewed since I was employed straight out of college. I never dealt with this whole actually unemployed and still paying my own bills thing before; and everyone is right, it sucks!

I do believe that I will find something soon, but applying for jobs is just so tedious and boring. You go through all this effort to apply and rewrite a cover letter for every job to either never hear anything back or to just receive a generic rejection letter. And on the rare chance that you actually find a job that really excites you, those rejections just hurt even more. Or, you find a job and a company that seem so perfect for you where your phone and in-person interviews go so well…but they pick the person with just a few more years of experience. Yep, that’s what happened to me a few weeks ago. Tragic, right?

I guess the only upside to unemployment is that I have a lot of free time to do whatever I want. Except, activities are limited when all your friends are at work and you don’t wake up until noon most days. Maybe you could travel? Oh wait, that costs money and since you don’t have any regular paychecks coming in, you might need to save that money for food and bills rather than plane tickets.

So I guess that leaves you with what I do most days…obsessively checking job websites, binge watching Netflix, and Facebook stalking. Woohoo, I am so livin’ the good life.

Okay, but really. Someone just hire me already.


Rachel Woolslayer graduated in June 2012 from UC San Diego with a degree in Communications and a minor in Business. After spending a year working as the Marketing Assistant for a trivia company in San Diego, she decided it would be a great idea to quit her job and move to Austin, Texas with her best friend from college. While she will always be a California girl, she has enjoyed embracing the Texas lifestyle, y'all...well, minus the ridiculous heat, and the bugs. Aside from that, she has a wanderlust that won’t quit and is constantly planning her next adventure. In her free time, she enjoys pretending to be friends with her favorite celebrities, getting too emotionally involved in her TV shows, and knowing way too much pop culture. Feel free to see if she has remembered to tweet recently at @Rauncheezy.

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  1. Jane berlin Reply

    I feel your pain girlie. I went almost a year and a half job hunting in austin. Then finally was hired by a company who went out if business 8 months later. It was my darkest fear to ever be unemployed again! Yet here I am. Four months and counting. I don’t know that I have much fight left in me. This has torn me down bit by bit and changed me into someone else completely. Everything I thought I knew and everything that made me who I was as an individual has been flipped upside down an inside out.
    Changing the world, following my dreams, and showing everyone who said it was impossible that they were wrong..”just watch me prove it!!” Ha!! That’s all been replaced by a very real fight to survive! Every minute every day I fight to keep my mind from drifting towards what I know is serious depression. My reality now is a constant fight to not give up. Hope doesn’t matter anymore. Just the stubbornness to take one more step. One more breath, one more day at a time and stay alive.

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