Three weeks ago, it was still August. Summer was fighting to stay alive and so were all of your super cute sandals and comfy dresses. But now, it’s mid-September. Boots are starting to come out of hiding and everyone is officially confused whether or not they will need a jacket whenever they now step outside. You’re also kinda depressed… and you also hate all of your clothes. We knew this was going to happen, so a few weeks ago, we shared with you six items to make your closet *sparkle* this fall in order to not fall into that post-summer depression.

If it makes you feel any better, celebrities get sick of their wardrobes too. In the video below, our fave Kardashian (sorry but she’s kinda badass), Khloe, confesses that her wardrobe needs more sparkle! While getting ready to see her latest crush, she cannot find ANYTHING to wear even though, as you may assume, she has more clothes than you and I combined. Watch here:

Yeah so, who is Khloe’s latest crush? We don’t know. And WHY does she want more sparkle?! GIRL HAS GLITTER LOUBS. AND SHE NEEDS MORE SPARKLE? Seriously, why? She sports a badass sparkle dress at the end of the video too… but then it ends before we find out the answers to these very pressing questions. UGH.

We’re going to find out soon though, when Khloe reveals her next video. Head to INeedSparkle’s YouTube page on September 25th to catch her next video!

One other thing… why does Khloe have a unicorn in her closet? Is that going to revealed in her next video? I hope so. I LOVE UNI’S TOO, KHLOE.

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