Eating has never seemed so sexy.

Audrey is basically the online version of Sex and the City, except with food instead of sex and a city life that isn’t nearly as glamorous. The web series tells the story of a 20-something food blogger trying to make it in the food industry. Unhappy with her monotonous job and boring relationship, Audrey finds satisfaction in eating. Her complicated and interesting life story unravels throughout the season making us question what she’ll be cooking up next.

Here are 10 reasons you should check out ‘Audrey’:

1. The food porn will, umm, have an effect on you. The way Audrey eats food turns me on and I’m not even into girls or fancy foods (I’m a very picky eater… not my fault). Kim Shaw does an excellent job of showing sexual enjoyment when eating hamburgers, chocolate, shrimp, and more. The series really is food porn. And if you think you’ve seen food porn before, you haven’t until you’ve seen Audrey.

2. It will make you believe that eating should feel like sex. The show opens with Audrey comparing food to a vagina. She actually refers to vagina as (ugh – so gross) ‘pussy.’ And she actually uses the word twice. But even though she opens the show with this vulgar, disgusting word that I hate, I still managed to watch and enjoy the entire series. Throughout the show, whenever people talk about eating it sounds like they’re talking about sex. Audrey’s creepy older male ‘interest’ even thinks of cooking together as doing the naughty. Audrey also claims that going to sleep hungry is like going to sleep with blue balls. This makes Audrey (and us) wonder what is more intimate: food or sex? That question is sooo Carrie Bradshaw.

3. Witnessing her horrible boss will make you feel better about your own life. Audrey is a food stylist on a cooking show and is treated like entry level shit by her boss, who just so happens to be the host. Audrey reacts to her boss’ rude comments by talking back to her and stealing shit, which is like sooo badass and rebellious. Many people can relate to having a horrible boss… I mean, there is a movie called Horrible Bosses… But most of us don’t have the courage to stick up for ourselves like Audrey… and, umm, most of us actually don’t have it that bad, therefore making us feel better about our own jobs.

4. Who doesn’t love cringing at the actions of a creepy old man? One day while cleaning up the kitchen (alone) after the show has ended, Audrey of course eats the left over food which just so happens to big, juicy shrimp. The producer of the show catches her in the act and films it. We assume he’s being a gross old man since he’s so into her ‘bite,’ but is he referring to her bite in bed… or her bite in the kitchen? Is this old man friend or ‘bro?’ The suspense is killing you, isn’t it?

5. It will answer any questions you’ve had about sleeping with co-workers… and creepy old men. But really. You’ll have to watch to find out.

6. Everyone has had relationship issues, just like Audrey’s. Audrey is kind of going through the motions in her relationship. She’s in it because it’s there, but it doesn’t seem like she’s all that into the guy. She’s way more into her food. It’s interesting to watch her struggle in the relationship. You almost want to reach in to the television and shake her… but you can’t.

7. It’s quick and witty. The writing is smart. The lines are funny. And the plot is real. In only six seven minute episodes, you find out so much about Audrey. You really care for each character without having to get to know them that well. You don’t have to spend an hour every, let’s say, Wednesday night watching the show in order to get into it. It might be short, but it’s good enough for you to hang on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what will happen next.

8. It’s relatable. Audrey is just like any other 20-something out there. She’s busy. She has a million things going on between work, relationships, and other activities that she has a hard time focusing on anything. She thinks about other things while having sex, like food. She hates her job. She isn’t where she wants to be in life. She spends the little money she has on things she can’t actually afford. You can, like, really picture yourself being friends with this girl.

9. It’s realistic. Audrey is a simple, average girl that all of us 20-somethings can relate to. Struggling for money, being the bitch at work, staying busy (aka cooking) to get rid of feeling, being unhappy with our love lives (or lack of)… the list goes on. She also has a messy past, but of course always hides it with a smile.

10. Each episode is only, like, seven minutes. No excuses.

“Audrey” stars Kim Shaw from MTV’s “I Just Want My Pants Back” and Arielle Kebbel from “The Vampire Diaries.” You can check out the first episode here on the YouTube channel WIGS.

WIGS is the #1 channel on YouTube for scripted drama. Their series and short films all feature female leads including Julia Stiles, Troian Bellisario, Jennifer Garner, America Ferrara, and Jena Malone. Be sure to check out other series and short films on WIGS. You can watch their most recent short film “Gumdrop” and a trailer for their newest series “Kendra” here. Follow @WIGS on Twitter and like them on Facebook to keep up with new shows and films. Enjoy, 20-somethings! Let us know what you think! 


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