Single or not, I think there is one thing that all 20-somethings can agree on… dating is hard.

I recently ended a brief relationship (a summer fling if you will) and even though this person was not my Mr. Right, he was a lot of fun for the summer. The day I ended it, I signed up for every free online dating site I could find. I wasn’t expecting anything to come of it, but I figured it would provide a nice distraction. And, boy was I right. Distraction may have been an understatement. Let’s take a look at some of the type of stuff I’ve encountered during my short time back on the online dating grind:


If you’re not familiar with the process of online dating… here’s how it goes — you message back and forth for a little bit in the app that connected the two of you, then you bring it to text. It’s always a bit awkward because someone’s gotta make the first move, send the text and acknowledge this is so and so from the dating app. I recently did this, and the response I received just made me laugh!

Like, come on bro! It takes TWO seconds to go back into Okcupid, look at who you had given your number to and figure it out. I use the term “insulted” lightly, because I honestly do not care that much…but you’re basically telling me you gave your number to so many girls, that you simply cant keep em straight. It’s insulting, and I am not interested.


My first night on OkCupid, I was solicited and asked if I would like to partake in a threesome! I have to say, I was quite flattered that this couple who was “looking for a good time” chose me! I posted this on Instagram under the hashtag #IRLdating and friends instantly started texted me expressing their shock! Although this has been my most sexually aggressive message to date, it’s certainly not the strangest message one could get. Is this sad? No…that’s just today’s dating world! There was once the cat call… and now there is the creepy message from some dude I will never meet.


The saying goes that age is just a number, but my belief on the matter is if you’re in completely different life stages, I don’t really understand how such an age gap can be ignored. I can see the positives to both ends of the spectrum…a younger man could be fun, but when we’re talking an 18 year old…yeah, no. I’m not interested in helping you pack up your childhood bedroom at the end of August and move you up to your college dorm room and then buy you beer for you and your friends for your parties in your dorm room because you’re too young to even step foot in a bar, even with your fake ID.

Now, the older man…sure there is intrigued there…especially from a man who boasts his very comfortable life (at least financially comfortable). Being young and attractive with expensive taste, I am not going to lie…I considered the “older dude” for a hot second. But when you message me, please don’t refer to me as “young lady” and tell me that you’re not going to take no for an answer, because now I’m creeped out and feel like my dad is yelling at me. Maybe instead mention that you’re looking for a hot young thing to spend your money on… Just a thought…



If you’re going to cat-call me via Okcupid maybe try phonetically spelling what it is that you’re trying to say. Cat-calling rarely works on the street. Every once in a while someone will say something so funny and out of the norm to you, and it will make you laugh. I once had man say “Wow! Those shoes look great on you!” That’s the type of compliment a girl will respond to! Not this…

I feel that the correct spelling on the message here would have been, Yow-zah. I want to know what this kid expected from his message… at MOST, he would have received a simple, thanks.

Interested in seeing more? Follow my online-dating (okay, more like online-chatting) journey under the hashtag #IRLdating and post your own! The sad thing you will find from the hashtag is that this has become the norm for dating! At least it’s entertaining? Good luck to us all!!


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  2. oh my god, this post was hilarious. I’ve been wanting to join OK Cupid just to see firsthand all the ridiculous messages that get thrown at you

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