After a long weekend of lying in the sun, drinking during the day, and bbqing with friends, the last thing ANYONE wants to do is go back to work. And sitting in my cube, looking through the window at the sunshine doesn’t make this any better. I want to get out of the office and back to the beach.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen.

If you think about it, though, going to the beach every day and lying by the pool every day would probably get boring after a while (ha). You may be forgetting that everyone else works (well almost everyone)… so you would not always have people to hang out with. You also can’t make money lying out by the pool (unless you are a lifeguard. but then you would need to, like, pay attention to people. and you graduated college and are capable of not working with a bunch of 17 year-old kids who sometimes don’t notice dead bodies at the bottom of the pool for 3 days… AKA Fall River). Of course, you could take a night job so you could have the daytime to partake in 3 of your favorite activities – tanning, lounging, and shopping – but then your fourth favorite activity – going out – would be non-existant. Sure, you can day drink, but not many twenty somethings would voluntarily take a night shift job if they didn’t NEED to. Clubbing is not exactly a day time activity.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that life isn’t SO bad. Yeah you may be stuck inside all week. And yeah, the weather may be awesome while you’re stuck inside and shitty when you’re not… but whatever. You need to work to make money to afford alcohol, beach parking, bikinis, shoes, outfits, and the future beach house you will one day have. And if you’re a girl, the time you will take off from working when you have a child AKA forever. JK.

Actually, not being able to have what you want makes it much more worth it in the end when you actually get what you want. This works for anything. If you could go to the beach and shop every day, it wouldn’t mean as much to you. If your life was a 24/7 vacation, you wouldn’t call it a vacation… You would call it “life.” Yeah, that would kind of perfect, but unless all your friends go on this 24/7 life vacation with you, you would probably get bored. I mean, did you and/or your parents not just spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on you to get an awesome education so you could eventually be successful? You should probably keep putting that degree to use (if that is possible these days…) because without the money from your job, you won’t be able to do these fun things.

Maybe this post is me trying to convince myself that my life doesn’t suck and in 3 days I will be back in sun – or maybe I am speaking for twenty somethings everywhere.

Whatever the case, Loverboy was right – Everybody’s working for the weekend.


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