To everyone’s astonishment, Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell may have in fact broken up. If this surprises you, or if you are at all disappointed, then I’m assuming you didn’t watch the season or you have a seriously skewed view of relationships.

We could say that we knew this was coming right from about ten seconds into the After the Final Rose Ceremony, where Nikki very clearly stated her love for Juan Pablo and he replied that he “liked her a lot.”


Chris Harrison made several attempts to get Juan Pablo to express his true love for Nikki, and after nearly face palming Juan Pablo right in la boca, you could say the show ended on a bit of a sour note. For those of you who aren’t fans, just imagine confessing your love to someone on national television and them smiling and being like “gracias.” It was probably the most awkward thing…like ever.

But hey, in the words of Juan Pablo, “ees okay,” perhaps Nikki was just not the Juan for our most cherished bachelor.


Luckily, their break up has maintained consistency with the entire relationship, involving a quick passive aggressive Instagram on Nikki’s end and unfollowing each other on all social media platforms, like the MATURE adults that they ARE (random and unnecessary capitalization to honor Juan’s trademarked tweeting style).

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 7.33.14 PM

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Juan.

And while Nikki is posting break up quotes, Juan is wasting no time regramming beach pics with new ladies.



And if Chris Harrison were narrating this breakup, he’d probably say something like…


…because Bachelor couples never break up.


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