As a die-hard, freakishly obsessed Pretty Little Liars fan I have been trying to figure out who A is forEVER. Every Tuesday night I turn the volume of my TV all the way up so I can hear every little thing that is said and I put on my glasses so I can read every text that is received (this is the only time I put on my glasses… it’s serious). This season’s finale (which is only TWO weeks away) will reveal that someone close to one or all of the girls is a member of the A team, meaning he or she will be guilty of the ULTIMATE betrAyal! ABC Family has given us a huge ‘clue’ into who this person could be by listing 12 suspects on their website. But… who could it be?! Below are each of the 12 possible betrAyers and my thoughts on whether or not they might be guilty:

Paige: Paige is my number 1 suspect right now. She very well could have killed Maya simply because she was is obsessed with Emily. And she very well could have joined the A team because Emily rejected her and she hAtes her. She also creepily came back into Emily’s life once Maya went away… and she was involved in Emily’s Hangover-esque night. Girl is looking pretty effing butch guilty.

Ezra: Ezra has been one sketchy mother f*cker lately. However, I have no idea how and why he would be involved with the A team (unless his career was put on the line…). I know we’re learning all these new things about him… such as his mom being a super rich diva who pays his GFs to disappear (my advice to you Aria – take the money and run) and his brother being a sketchy well dressed frat bro… but what could any of this have to do with A? Probably nothing. Hopefully nothing. This show would be a failure without the statutory relationship that is Aria and her former high school English teacher. But what’s better than a statutory rapist who dates little girls and ALSO enjoys partaking in violent acts and ruining lives in his free time? …Nothing.

Lucas: Well, duh, we know Lucas is involved in this whole murderers-unite thing somehow. Yeah he used to be Hannah’s friend and then later got upset that he stole his ‘friend’ Caleb’s money… but seeing him visiting Mona was like a big huge ‘I’m-involved!’ hint. Especially the sketchy paranoid speech he gave outside Radley to Hannah and Caleb. He also had pills he shouldn’t have had. All signs point to Lucas… but that would, like, be way too obvious. And we want to be surprised! Duh.

Melissa: Melissa has been MIA the past few weeks, but if she magically appears in this week’s episode, I would not be surprised if she was guilty of this betrAyal. She was creepily involved with all members of the NAT club… and for some reason was pregnant with Garrett’s child even though she was with the now-dead Ian. And when she is in an episode she is always doing something super suspicious, like carrying knives or threatening her sister. But, like, why would she want to hurt her sister? Maybe because A has her convinced that Spence wants to hurt her instead…

Toby: Toby will always be creepy no matter what. His walk, talk, and actions all point to I’M-A-CREEP, which is probably why everyone thought he killed Ali in the first place. He’s also related to Jenna (kind of) and she is a paranoid betch who hates Spencer and her bffs (I mean, they made her blind so I don’t really blame her). I remember Toby once being loyal to his sister (very loyal actually – gross), so I wouldn’t be surprised if Toby was on Jenna’s side. The only thing is we have no idea if Jenna is involved with the A team. She has mentioned that someone is out to get her as well… So even if Toby was on Jenna’s side it wouldn’t mean he’s on the A team. Basically, it’s not Toby’s fault that no matter what he does he comes off as a huge creep, so we should stop pointing fingers at him. The other problem with Toby is that he (Keegan Allen) cannot act for the life of him, so it’s hard for us to know what his motives really are. The solution: TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT.

Aria: I don’t know why so many people think Aria is part of the betrAyal (4% think she is on ABC Fam’s website – gasp). She is just a 17 year old girl who dates a guy way older than her that just so happened to once be her English teacher and her mom’s co-worker. There’s not anything wrong with that! Aria definitely does not seem to care about figuring out the A-sytery as much as the other girls though… and no one has tried to break up her relationship since Mona went away… so who knows. I could also see her choosing Ezra over her friends if A threatened her into joining the team by putting Ezra’s life/career/stay in Rosewood on the line. Hmm…

Spencer: I highly doubt Spencer has been betraying anyone since she forgot to apply to college while playing detective. If she knew what was going on, she wouldn’t have to play detective. Duh. She also would hang out with Toby without worrying that someone is going to hurt him. The only betrayal Spencer could be responsible for right now is hooking up with Caleb, which she made clear she would do when she flirted with him on her couch. I mean, what was the point of that scene if it’s not going to happen? Huh? Huh?

Hannah and Caleb: I highly doubt Hannah is on the A team, but her love of Mona really makes me question her motives. The girl loves visiting her crazy ex-bff who made her eat a bunch of cupcakes once alone (THE HORROR), ran her over with a car, and tried to kill her friend (nbd). Why does she visit this evil freak so much? And why did she want her to stay in Rosewood so bad? Maybe she’s on Mona’s side… but, like, I highly doubt it. As for Caleb, he does know who A is (how?) and he is a giant phone/computer hacker. He also def knows stuff he shouldn’t (he used to talk to Jenna… who knows what else he did!) and once lived with Lucas (and in the school – but that’s now in the past). But can it really be Caleb? A hurt Caleb’s mom (or so we think) and Hannah and Caleb are in love. Unless they are both acting on PLL like it’s The Truman Show (and Spencer is Truman), I think they’re pretty much in the clear. Also, judging from this sneak-peak-pic from the finale, it looks like someone close to Hannah (Caleb? Mona? Mom?) isn’t doing so well… And I highly doubt her girls would be by her side if she was the betrAyer. BUT WHERE IS EMILY?

Emily: Emily’s girlfriend was murdered. And if the A team was responsible for Maya’s death I highly doubt Emily would want anything to do with such people. However, Emily is still putting back together the pieces from her wild night on the town that she has no memory of. So if this isn’t a remake of The Hangover, perhaps she knows what happened and that’s why she can’t get over it. Maybe she knows something and isn’t telling anyone. ‘Maya knew‘ said Mona in her pig-latin-type language while playing with her voodoo liar dolls. Did Emily know too? Is that why she isn’t in the picture above? Or is she too busy working/swimming laps with Paige?

Ashley: Why in the world is Hannah’s mom a suspect? Unless A forced her onto the team by threatening that he/she/they would tell the police about the money she stole (Ashley is jail worthy), I doubt it. Even so, despite Hannah’s spoiled nature that made Ashley become a thief, she loves her daughter… and church dudes too. And for the record, she’s way too busy on mainline mate to be involved in childish drama anyway.

Byron: I highly dislike Byron, but that doesn’t mean I think he’s on the A team. He’s too busy with his underage GF (and ex-student) who is now working with his ex-wife to be involved in child play. Also, despite his hate for Ezria (because it’s only okay for him to date students), he recently showed affection for Aria meaning he doesn’t hate her. I could see Byron creepily being involved with A without knowing it though, just because A talks about plans to end Ezria via text. But, like, no.

Basically my answer to this whole mystery is that everyone in Rosewood is being stalked, fooled into hating others, and scared into thinking someone is after them – when there is really only one person stirring the paranoid pot. Obvs this one person is the creepy gloved man/woman who wears a hoodie and creeps around at the end of every episode. This person has enough power to turn people crazy (Mona) and force them to betrAy loved ones due to severe paranoia. I think this person is Ali. Bitch is like Tupac. SHE’S NOT DEAD.

But what do YOU think? Who will be guilty of the ultimate betrayal in the highly anticipated season 2 finale? Leave your thoughts in the comments and tune in to see what happens on August 28th at 8pm! I. Can’t. Wait. I’m also 23, but it’s fine. #PLLProblems.


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  1. I think Ezra is involved only because of the flashback episode where he was at the first frat party Alison took the girls too. He is Jason and Garret’s age and I think he may have been a part of their club.

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