Yes, winter has dragged on for what seems like years.

Yes, it sucks for most people.

But why skip right to summer, as many of my Facebook friends demand via statuses like “Miss the beach!” and “Can’t wait for shorts and flip flop weather!”? Spring has much to offer. Take advantage.

You can literally wear your entire wardrobe. Temperature at 8:00 a.m.? 45. Temperature at 5:00 p.m.? 65. This means you can wear your winter coat, a sundress and open-toed shoes. Maybe a light scarf too. So don’t pack anything away for the season yet. You have many options.


You have just as many drink options. Hot coffee? Check. Iced coffee? Check. It’s the awkward time of year when either is acceptable. It’s not so ohmygod hot that hot coffee is sickeningly warm but not too cold for a plastic cup full of caffeine-y goodness. You can also go back and forth between summer and winter beers. It’s the perfect time to guzzle your snow brews before they get skunky. You’re welcome.


Spring smell > summer smell. Let’s be honest: summer STINKS. Hot garbage. B.O. everywhere. Pungent chlorine. Spring is much more pleasant to the nose. That nice post-rain smell is lovely. Flowers? Who doesn’t love smelling flowers? Lilacs are the BEST.


Boys start wearing shorts. Girls start wearing skirts/dresses. If the mercury tops 50 degrees, you can bet the guys will wear shorts. Alternatively, girls start ditching pants for something a little leggier. Everyone is cool with more skin.


You can open your window. No need for AC yet. You can enjoy a fresh breeze and not the stifling humid wall that comes in when your window is open in summer. EMBRACE THIS. What’s not to love?

So before you start tanning and regularly shaving your legs and counting the days till the 4th of July, remember spring is a season too. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s carpe diem, not carpe aestas. (Translation: seize the summer.)


Liz Witter is a 2011 graduate of St. Bonaventure University where she majored in broadcast journalism with a (useless) minor in French. She is originally from Rochester, NY but moved to Boston for a job...then another job. She spends her free time sleeping, going to Sephora or doing crafts. She plays volleyball recreationally and refuses to believe she peaked in high school. She’ll take Tim Hortons over Dunkin, and Wegmans over basically anything. You can follow her on Twitter at @lwitta6.

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  1. You pretty much broke down all the reasons why we need Spring, Liz. Plus, it prepares us for the onslaught that is 98 degree days. Cheers.

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