Long distance relationships can be tough! I’m talking about the one between you and your real soulmates – your best friends! Different paths may have brought you to different states across the country, or maybe to different countries altogether. However, we live in a world filled with amazing technology that can help the distance feel shorter.

There are the old faithful iMessage, group chats, and FaceTime, but here are eight other ways to get creative and keep in tough with your besties through apps that you probably already use on a regular basis!


1. Venmo

This app can be for so much more than paying your roommate half of the month’s rent. Send your friend a random $10 for a happy hour drink after a long day, or $25 so she can get a manicure before the interview you know she has next week.


2. Seamless/GrubHub

Switch your location to her location and order local chicken soup for a sick friend, or surprise her with a chocolate-y dessert after a rough day.



When your bestie is drunk-texting you about how ‘omg crazy’ her night has been, coordinate an Uber on her behalf so that she can home safely.



4. Fitbit

You can’t actually go to the gym together, but competing in a Work Week hustle through Fitbit can keep you both accountable and connected throughout the week.


5. Spotify

Share Spotify playlists of throwback jams from your high school days. Or make a playlist together of songs you are both currently using to power through your work days/ workouts.



6. Games

Download an app that lets you play with other users and play a game against each other. Is anyone else still a huge fan of Words with Friends? Gaming with make you feel like you have been hanging out more than you actually have.


7. Dunkin Donuts/ Starbucks

No matter your preference, both coffee shops offer the option to send a giftcard through their apps. Send your best friend a gift card to perk up their morning and let them get their caffeine fix on you.



8. Hitlist

This app will show you the cheapest flight from you to your best friend so you can always be looking and planning for your next in-person reunion!



Kaitlyn is a twenty-something with zero tolerance for boredom. When she isn't working or working out, she is planning her next adventure and hanging out with friends. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram at @kaitvad.

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