Hosting anything can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. But summer is the season of no worries and that means the FTS Man should host something that gives the most fun with the least amount of annoying effort:  a BBQ.

Now if you read Manly Monday last week, you know the event of a BBQ is quite different from the food BBQ. But for now…we’re just talking about the event, where the weather’s nice, you fire up the grill, get some beers and invite some friends over.

It may seem simple, but people can often overlook essential aspects of hosting a BBQ…there are three components you need.

1.)    Food (Obviously)

2.)    Drink (Probably more essential than the food)

3.)    Entertainment (Often overlooked)


So we’ll start with the simple fact: a BBQ should have food at it. Exactly what? Now that’s up to you, but there are two things that are a bare necessity: a Main and a Side. (Again, pretty basic concept)

Simple: Hamburger (Main), Hotdog (Main), Chips (Side), Potato Salad (Side), Pasta Salad (Side)

Complicated: Fish (Main), Portobello Mushroom (Main), Quinoa Salad (Side), Broccoli Salad (Side)

From there you can branch into dips, breads, vegetables, and desserts. But again…at a minimum you have to have a main and a side. My go to is usually to have some burgers, hotdogs and chicken with a light pasta salad. It’s simple, appeals to the crowd and lets you focus on enjoying the day rather than.


Unless this is going to be a ‘ Rager BBQ’ (planning for that is a different discussion)…it’s best to leave the liquor out of the picture.

Beer and Sangria…it’s all you need.


Socializing is fun at a BBQ, but if nothing else is happening it can get pretty boring, pretty quickly. Now entertainment can be anything that your guests can do while socializing…this can be a pool, a game that’s on television or a bonfire. But my personal favorite is that of lawn games.

Lawn games are a beautiful thing…they combine competition and ability to socialize while being able to casually drink at the same time (and they’re just plain fun). If at all possible, get a lawn game at your BBQ. It’ll keep people occupied while they’re sipping on that beer and sangria you’ve provided.

My personal favorites: Ladder ball & Corn hole…they’re worth the investment.

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