In college, March was always the best month. The weather was starting to get ‘warmer.’ People were throwing parties outside. You had spring break to look forward to. And when you got back from break, the school year was pretty much almost over.

After you graduate though, March is not the same. There are literally no holidays in March and ‘summer’ is not just around the corner. It might just be the worst month of the year.

Here’s a look at what March is like in college compared to what it’s like after college because TBH, they’re two completely different months.


In college: Fun in the sun!

spring break

Ah, spring break. It’s a decades-old tradition involving a ton of partying and a lot of booze. Tons of college kids descend upon Florida and other tropical locales for a week full of wet t-shirt contests and puking fests. Days are filled with nothing but partying. It is literally THE BEST.

And if you’re not partying it up on spring break, you have a WEEK OFF. Maybe you’re going on a cool vacation. Maybe you’re volunteering abroad. Or maybe you’re just relaxing with friends and family in your hometown. Whatever you’re doing, it’s better than what is to come in the real world.


After college: Cold at home.


After graduation there is no such thing as spring break. You go to work just like you do every other day and dream of the times you spent doing beer bongs on the beaches of Panama City. Your ‘time off’ is on the weekend and because it’s still technically winter, it’s still technically too cold for constant partying. Maybe you’ll spend your free time doing some spring-cleaning in your house. Or maybe you’ll take a bunch of naps. Whatever you do, you’ll grow more and more into a boring adult. Which is fine because honestly, the thought of partying on a beach surrounded by drunken mobs will eventually start to sound like THE WORST, if it doesn’t already.


In college: Shorts and t-shorts in near freezing temperatures!

 cargo shorts

For some reason, college students decide that March is when they need to break out their summer wardrobe — no matter what the temperature is. There’s a good chance you’ll see a bunch of dudes start showing up to class in cargo shorts and sandals. And you’ll most definitely see girls walking to the bar wearing dresses with no tights, along with regret in their eyes and goose bumps on their exposed legs.


After college: Sensible style that keeps you warm!

 nothing to wear

You have to dress ‘professional’ for work because that’s the real world dress code. And because you’re an adult, you actually dress appropriately for temperatures.


In college: Daaaaaaay drinking


March means slightly warmer weather, and of course warmer weather means day drinking. You can hang out on the lawn of the house you share with all your roommates, blasting music and drinking all day without a care in the world. Classes? Sure you’ll go to the important ones. But hey, is class really that important anyway?


After college: Netflix and sleeeeeeep

taking nap on beach

Since your days are filled with work, day drinking doesn’t really work during the week. Unless you bring a flask with you to the office, but that’s strongly inadvisable. Before graduation you probably thought that the real world wasn’t such a big deal. You could save day drinking for the weekends. I mean that’s what weekends are for, right?

Turns out, day drinking doesn’t seem as great anymore. But you know what does? Sleeping in and then catching up on your TV shows. Maybe add in a glass of wine and some pizza and that is a solid weekend.



i learned

Growing up isn’t all that bad. Sure, you’re going to miss the college days of when things seemed more carefree and fun. But if you lived like that all your life you probably wouldn’t make it very long.

If you’re in college, live it up while you’re there. Make it your craziest March yet. If you do it right, you’ll be ready to slow things down once graduation comes. The memories never go away, either. You’re going to remember those crazy college days for the rest of your life.


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