It might seem like the 2000s weren’t that far away, and that’s probably because it’s 2016 and they weren’t. But it’s been 11 years since 2005 and I’ve only been around for 27 years, so for me, it’s been a while since I was rocking a tight fitted polo with a ripped denim skirt.

We’ve pretty much exhausted the talk of trends from the early-mid 2000s (Von Dutch hats, that rhinestone Bebe shirt, Juicy Sweatsuits, etc, YAWN), so now let’s talk about the trends that hit it big in the later mid-2000s (that’s a thing) and the late 2000s.

The below pictures are all of me, and they will take you through my ~style evolution~ or ~lack of style evolution~ over the years. To give you some background, I was a junior in high school in the spring of 2005 in the first picture, and I was a junior in college during the spring of 2009 in the last picture.

Some of the clothes I would never wear again because they’re just not in style anymore — and others I would never wear again because they were cheap as fuck.

This is a truly a blast from the kind-of-past. Proceed with caution.


1. Tight polos with a matching headband and matching big ass earrings.



2. Two polos together with a ~double popped collar~ paired with a ripped denim skirt. And a brown belt purposely showing. And a puka shell necklace.



3. Ribbons in my hair like I really didn’t care (still with the puka shell necklace). This was a paparazzi photo taken of me when I was *spotted* in a hotel at Disney World.



4. The ribbon from Victoria’s Secret gift wrapping as a headband.



5. The color brown with a short cardigan and a belt over the tank top… with jeans featuring some sort of glittery design.





6. Halter tops (with matching headbands). This was a cotton shirt from A&F that I wore ‘out.’ Hmm.



7. Button-downs. Like the kind men wear to work.



8. Shirts that fully exposed your boobs with some sort of fun pattern on them from Forever 21.



9. And dresses that exposed your boobs with no pattern. There were so many BOOBS in the late 2000s. It was literally all about BOOBS.



10. Strapless tops.



11. T-shirt turtlenecks with long, chunky necklaces. I wore this shirt EVERYWHERE.



12. The color brown with the color black. Together. Eek.



13. ‘Color blocking dresses’ from Forever 21 that I thought were maybe kind of too short to be dresses… so two years later I started using them as beach coverups.



14. The color brown still. Like a lottttt a lot of the color brown.



15. Whatever the fuck this scarf-connected-to-shirt combo is.



These aren’t the only weird trends we bowed down to from 2005 to 2009. This is just a collection of pictures of myself that I was able to find in the depths of Facebook (but seriously – it is the DEPTHS – you have to scroll down so far to get to those years). There would be more pictures/trends if I could figure out what happened to all those pictures I uploaded onto Community Webshots in high school, so if you have any leads on that, let a girl know.

Other trends included those god awful ‘leggings’ that Abercrombie and Fitch sold that were cropped and had the moose at the bottom of the calf. They came in, like, brown and gray because those were the most happening colors back then.

Another trend: making ‘boob shirts’ not ‘boob shirts’ by throwing a white or black tank top underneath and making a fashion statement with that layered look.

And a trend none of us understand anymore thanks to Lululemon and the comfort that is athleisure: the obsession with sweatpants and patterned pajama pants from the Victoria’s Secret Pink collection.

Now, in 2016, I would much rather hide my boobs and only wear pants that are tight and made of cotton. Times have changed. Let’s all just hope these terrifying trends don’t make a comeback in five to ten years when people start really obsessing ~2000s nostalgia~. I mean, they already have, so this could get bad.


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