If you don’t know by now, I love coffee. It might even be a problem how much I love coffee. Yet, you know what else is a problem? How much I spend on it a day.

I definitely try to make it at home and save but that doesn’t always work. I can sit here and come up with SO many excuses why I rarely make it at home but it’s mostly because I am lazy. How lazy? I have a Keurig. I literally just have to put a cup in a push a button. Queen Lazy, that’s me.

I usually go to three places. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and a local Boston joint named Flat Black.

Breaking it down, if I spend about $5 at Starbucks and my local joint, that’s $25 a week, about $100 a month and well a gross $1,400 a year. I don’t spend as much at Dunkin Donuts but it’s still an absurd amount of money on coffee.

I decided to poll some friends and see what they spend a day on coffee. Then did some math to figure what they might spend a week/month/year if it were to be bought every.single.day.


  • Salim & Katherine told me they spend around $3.24 on a cold brew iced coffee at that local joint Flat Black.
    • Week: $16.20
    • Month: $64.80
    • Year: $907.20
  • Chris spends about $4.23 at Starbucks.
    • Week: $21.15
    • Month: $84.60
    • Year: $1,184.40
  • Megan opts to usually make coffee at home. Sometimes she finds herself sometimes at a place called Not Just Coffee, she spends about $4.
    • Week: $20
    • Month: $80
    • Year: $1,120
  • Hillary told me she usually goes to Dunkin but sometimes treats herself to $5.50 coffee at a local place in Boston called The Buttery.
    • Week: $27.50
    • Month: $110
    • Year: $1,540
  • Natalie, sometimes goes more than once for coffee, usually spends around $6 at Starbucks.
    • Week: $30
    • Month: $120
    • Year: $1,680


  • Nicole finds herself spending around $7 a day at Dunkin Donuts.
    • Week: $35
    • Month: $140
    • Year: $1,960


  • Mary who travels for work says she doesn’t spend a dime on coffee. She’ll often drink the coffee at hotels and still have a bag she received for last Christmas.
  • Katie sometimes grabs coffee at Dunkin, yet often chooses to make coffee at home, so she says she spends around .50 cents a day with her k-cups.
    • Week: $2.50
    • Month: $10
    • Year: $140


  • Kristen also chooses to often use her k-cups at home but whens she does travel she chooses Starbucks or Dunkin for a cup of joe.


All in all, my friends and I should start using k-cups or making coffee at home. We all could save a lot of money that can be spent on alcohol.. and shoes.


Courtney is what you can call a northern-southern belle. Grew up a Mass-hole, took some southern lessons in SC and is now back north trying to figure out the white stuff on the ground. She enjoys all things Britney Spears and sports. Puppies bring her as much joy as a nice cold cup of ice coffee. If you'd like to know more about her mad life, follow her on Twitter/Instagram - @cacharroux.

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