So maybe you’re looking forward to the warm temperatures, making hotdogs & hamburgers on the grill, opening the pool, ending class/school, or planning vacations down The Cape with the fam & friends. Well, I’m about to give you one more thing to look forward to this May… Movies!

For a girl who almost never reads (except when I’m going on a very rare flight to a very rare vacation… or if my iPod dies when I’m at the beach), I actually read AND loved both “Something Borrowed” and “Something Blue.” And now, for maybe the first time, a book I loved is going to become a movie!  That’s right – Something Borrowed is coming to a theater near you! And the casting seems perfect. Kate Hudson totally fits her role of Darcy. Ginnifer Goodwin, who is playing Rachel, I’ve always thought to be SUPER annoying ever since I saw “He’s Just Not That Into You” – but I guess she was supposed to be annoying in that role. And she looks SO pretty in the previews. Who knew! I’m definitely going to check this movie out when it hits theaters on May 6th!

The Hangover Part II… I’ve heard this was coming, but I completely forgot about it until I saw this clip on E! News today. The clip really makes you wonder WTF this movie is going to be about. Doug is no where to be found in the teaser, but there is a skinny, fully clothed monkey walking with them instead. I can’t really make any assumptions on how the movie is going to be based on the teaser, but I do believe that it will either be really, really good or really, really bad. I guess we’ll find out when it hits theaters on May 26th… Just in time for Memorial Day BBQs and the beginning of my beloved summer fun!

So, let’s bring on the May sunshine and these highly anticipated May movies. I think I’m going to save my two $9 movie tickets that I got off living social for one of these movies… Hopefully my boyfriend approves 🙂


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