I feel like every day I see a new article on Facebook or Twitter telling me why I should be working out in the morning. These articles are in addition to the ones telling me that I should be a morning person in general, and the ones telling me that I have to accomplish all these tasks in the morning to be successful.

But guess what? I hate mornings.

I hate the sound of alarms. I hate that I press snooze a thousand times, but I hate getting out of bed more. I hate when I get up and it’s dark out. And I especially hate when it’s not sunny out. I hate waking up. In fact, I hate it so much that sometimes I refuse to get out of bed even when I really have to go to the bathroom.

So SORRY I don’t want to be active in the morning. Sometimes I’m forced to on rare occasions when I have plans throughout the rest of the day and I can’t afford to skip my work out. But when I say ‘morning’ I mean 8am or 9am. Not 6am, which I tried once and will never try again.

Laugh in my face all you want. Call me lazy. Tell me I’m never going to be successful because I can’t seem to be a real, live human before 8am. I don’t care. I may never become a morning person, but I manage to get out of bed every day which is an accomplishment in it’s own right, and then I get my work out in later in the day, after coffee. And guess what? I’m doing just fine! Actually, I’m doing great!

Since you’re probably dying to be just like me after reading this, here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t work out in the morning.


1. You probably didn’t get enough sleep last night.


2. You can’t take your time working out in the morning because you have to get to work.

You’re either rushed or on a tight schedule. Why not just go at night?


3. The gym is full of morning people in the morning, and morning people are the worst.




4. You have to be active before coffee, which is one of the hardest tasks known to mankind.


5. If you complete your workout before work, you’ll have nothing to take out your anger out on after you get home from a stressful day.


6. And you’ll probably just go home and sit on the couch eating snacks all night.

Or you’ll make plans with friends, which obviously will involve spending money and eating/drinking bad things.


7. If you spend your morning working ou, you won’t have time to make a filling breakfast.

You’ll grab a banana and call it a morning. Then you’ll be hungry again in an hour.


8. But if you don’t work out in the morning and wake up early, you can spend that time making a protein-filled breakfast.

This will make you full, meaning you’ll eat less food during the day.


9. You can also do other productive tasks in the morning like cleaning up the clothes on your bedroom floor.

This will make you less stressed when you do get home from your work out at night.


10. If you work out in the morning, you have to go to sleep early at night.

But what if you can’t fall asleep?! Or what if you’re watching a TV show?! Or what if you have an event?! If you work out after work, you don’t have to let exercise dictate your sleeping schedule.



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  1. Yessssss!

    I think it’s a miracle that I can get out of bed at 7 am every morning to get dressed and make it to my 9-5 office job with just enough time for a quick breakfast. Workout? Ha! Unless you could my fifteen minute walk to the bus-stop, it’s not happening.

    I workout when I get home. While watching tv or cooking.

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