Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try to be as fashion forward as the style icons we idolize – we’re not. And makeup that is “in” for spring 2014 might look great on the supermodels at fashion week but when we try it we look like the Joker from The Dark Knight. Never fear, your personal makeup artist is here with some easy ways to follow this spring’s makeup trends without looking absolutely ridiculous or breaking the bank.

Trend #1: Matte Bright Lips

Product Suggestion: Maybelline Vivid Lipsticks, personal favorite: Shocking Coral


Just so that we are all on the same page matte refers to a finish that doesn’t have ANY shine, sheen, shimmer or glitter.

Pretty much anyone can rock a bold matte lip. But there are ways to do it so that you don’t look like you are trying too hard but also know what you are doing.

1) Find a shade that suits your skin’s undertones. If you have a warmer complexion try Corals and Orangy-Reds, if you are cooler toned try a Hot Pink or Cherry.

2) EXFOLIATE your lips. Invest in a lip scrub (my favorite is Lush’s Popcorn Lip Scrub) or just exfoliate with a warm washcloth or even your toothbrush. Get all of that dead skin off your lips.  The smoother your lips are – the better the application.

3) MOISTURIZE your lips. That means lip balm ladies! Especially when the seasons are changing. Your skin is more vulnerable during times when the weather isn’t consistent so in order to combat dehydration you must moisturize.

4) If you want your lip color to last use a lip liner. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you can’t just apply your lipstick once in the morning, eat two meals, drink an iced coffee and expect your lip to still be perfect. I mean it would be AMAZING if it worked that way, but it doesn’t. Get a lip liner similar to the lip color you are using.  Outline your lips then FILL THEM IN. That’s the key part. This will keep the color from bleeding.

Quick Tip: In order to make such a bold lip wearable. A bare eye is best, just a coat or two of mascara and you are good to go! No need for shadow or liner.


Trend #2: Pastel Wash of Color on the Lid

Product Suggestion: NYX Nude Matte Single Shadows

nude matte

Once again, it’s all about making these looks wearable for the typical 20 something. I don’t rock mint green eye shadow at work – like why would I do that? There are ways to follow this trend without looking like a clown. For this look make sure you use a MATTE eye shadow. I am all for shimmery eye shadow but in this case, not so much. Shimmery blue shadow is going to make you look 7.

Using a fluffy eye shadow brush or a clean finger apply the color to your lid and inner tear duct only! (Diagram below)


DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT bring the color up into your crease or onto your brow bone. You won’t be happy with the results. Now for color suggestions, don’t feel restricted to these suggestions. This is merely a jumping off point!

Blue Eyes: Try a matte creamscicle color, think orange sherbet. If that’s too hard to find try a matte peach color.

Green Eyes: Try a matte pale pink, like the color of strawberry ice cream (can you tell I’m craving ice cream right now?)

Brown Eyes: Try a matte pale purple, make sure it’s not too dark!

All these colors should look like something you would see on an Easter Egg. Pair this look with some black mascara, a pink blush and some lip balm! SO EASY.


Trend #3: Inky Black Eyes

Personally, I’m a big fan of this trend. I love a smoky smudged out liner almost as much as I love cheeseburgers. I wouldn’t say it’s a natural look – at all! So if you are going for the #nofilter #nomakeup look, better skip this one.

Product Suggestion: Rimmel ScandalEYES Black Kohl Liner

inky black

This look is really quick and easy to achieve because you don’t have to worry about being super precise.  With your black pencil eyeliner line your top and bottom lash line and water line. Don’t worry about it being perfect! Then with a Q-tip smudge the liner out. You don’t want to smudge so much that you look like you have a black eye, just smoke it out enough that you can’t really see the line you made.

Quick Tip: If you struggle in the “creating a perfectly straight line” department like myself, make short dash marks across your eye and then connect them.

Pair this look with some black mascara, nude lip or just some lip balm – this trend is great for a night out, BOOM! Sex!


Alright, those are 3 of my favorite makeup trends for Spring 2014.  Other, less earth shattering trends for the season include: soft berry lips, the au natural look and thick brows! Let me know which look you like best or which one you are excited to try. Be #trendy and BOLD this spring and step out of your comfort zone.

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