British fashion has always served as an inspiration to us Americans, but recently the obsession with British style has grown. Perhaps it’s because of the Today Show segments during the Olympics where British fashionistas showed off top notch outfits. Perhaps it’s because of the UK versions of Vogue, Cosmo, and Elle that you bought at your local convenience store. Or perhaps it’s because you or your friend(s) studied abroad in London during college and you saw how much better people dressed there.

Topshop, a major retailer headquartered in London, has awesome clothing that us Americans can shop for online. However, if you’re like me, not trying on clothes before purchasing them can turn into a huge disaster… and not having an idea how much the items cost in US money can cause a problem as well… so you just browse. Yes, there are stores in Chicago, NYC, and Vegas, but not all of us can get there. But now our (my) favorite department store, Nordstrom, is selling Topshop clothing in stores! And while Topshop definitely isn’t cheap, it’s not too expensive for trendy, well-made clothing. Let the shopping begin!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the online collection:

Topshop Lace Peplum Top
$72, This top is gorgeous.

Topshop Peplum Tank
$36, Because I’m obsessed with peplum… and this one is cheaper.

Topshop Studded Belt Pouch
$50, I want nothing more than to rock this fanny pack studded belt pouch.

Topshop Metallic Jacquard Blazer
$140, A super fun blazer. Want.

Topshop Embroidered Sheer Shirt
$90, Different and fun.

Topshop Rib Pleated Skater Dress
$100, Skater skirts & skater dresses are super flattering – and who doesn’t love a bright red dress?!

Topshop Lace Peplum Pencil Skirt
$76, A trendy, cute skirt that is perfect for work and going out.

Topshop ‘Vectra’ Flat
$56, Studs, Studs, Studs. Need.

Topshop Jacquard Skater Dress
$240, Too bad this dress is… too much (for me). Maybe one day!

Topshop Utilitarian Coat
$190, This coat works warmth and trend (the peplum) into one. Love it.

Topshop Bead Collar Sweatshirt
$76, Comfy & stylish… Count me in!

Do you like what you see? Check out all of Nordstrom’s Topshop collection online here! You can also check out the Topman collection, the retailer’s brand for men. Topshop is located in 14 Nordstrom locations and Topman is located in 12 across the country. You can see if there any of these locations are near you here. Happy shopping 🙂


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