This is the true story of six strangers picked to live in a house…wait.  NOT “Real World.” But the story follows two EXTREMELY hot men: Aaron Tveit, from Les Mis, and Daniel Sunjata, who most girls will know from “The Devil Wears Prada,” are undercover agents who live in a beach house in SoCal better known as “Graceland.”  Aaron Tveit plays the rookie cop while Sunjata plays the rough around the edges training officer who doesn’t always like to go by the book.  Drama unfolds, obvi.

Thursday’s 10PM, USA

Drunk History

Based off the popular YouTube videos, Drunk History, is exactly that: extremely drunk people retelling history.  Their drunken babble is re-enacted by familiar famous faces such as Bill Hadar and Jack Black.  The show visits major cities and let’s their locals drunkenly babble about events that are important to their city.  It’s pure genius.  Crack open a cold one while watching.

Tuesday’s 10PM, Comedy Central

Pretty Little Liars

I’m not even going to go into it but there are recaps on here like every week…so get on it.

Tuesday’s 8PM, ABC Family

Orange is the New Black

It’s been on every bus and news outlet lately and rightfully so.  I cannot say enough good things about this show.  First off, the cast is mostly women who ROCK and all portray interesting and wonderful characters from the tight-ass Russian woman to the crazy girl you want to stay away from.  The story centers around Piper Chapman, a cute blonde woman who is sent to prison for a crime she commits in her twenties.  It’s got lesbian-love, peeing in the open, and lots of heart. Netflix delivers once again on this hit.


Four Weddings

Yes, this is by far my guiltiest pleasure but this show is extremely addictive.  Four women compete against each other for the best wedding and the winner gets a free honeymoon.  Each bride rates the other’s wedding for their food, dress, venue, and overall experience.  Some of the women are ruthless but mostly it’s hysterical to see the crazy themes and antics that go on at other people’s weddings.

Thursday’s 9PM, TLC


I’m a tough sell on Newsroom.  I watched the first season with one foot in and one foot out.  Sorkin is amazing and yes, I bow down.  But I find the show a little too quick and some of the characters a little unlikeable.  I don’t buy Olivia Munn.  However, Jeff Daniels is amazing and there are so many rock solid cameos that I think it’s worth my time if anything I can have something to add on the Monday morning water cooler chat.

Sunday’s 10PM,HBO

Who Do You Think You Are?

As if celebrities don’t already have it good with the fame and wealthy now they get their own show to find out where they come from.  I know, you’re like who cares?  But this show really sparks curiosity and makes you wonder how and why we are all connected.  They are featuring celebrities this season like Kelly Clarkson and Christina Applegate, who’s episode left me in tears as her 70 year old father got answers about his parents that he barely knew.  Each celebrity travels to wherever their family history takes them and gets to see many documents first hand.  It makes me want to go get an account on but then I realize that costs money…and well, I think my ancestors would rather I make rent.

Tuesday’s 9PM, TLC



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