Unfortunately, with society, magazines, and all the other bullshit that is out there for women – most of us probably have a resolution to get in shape.  “I need a new body.”  Girl, I hear you.  For me, I need to put my money where my mouth is…meaning that for me to stay motivated I need to spend some money to make it worth it.  So invest in your workout and invest in yourself!

Heated Yoga

Heated yoga is a great way to sweat without doing intense cardio.  It pushes your limits and helps detox your body.  Don’t think about taking a class to meet men, because after you will be drenched from head to toe.  Recommended for anyone looking to take a break from the tredmil and get some zen in their life.

CorePower Yoga


Pure Yoga

Spin Class

High intensity class with high calorie burn for the win.  If you want to literally kick your own butt – spin class is where it’s at.  You climb the hills and sprint the flat terrain on your bike.


Cycle House

Soul Cycle


Don’t be a skeptic – Zumba class is where it’s at – channeling your inner J.Lo while shaking your junk.  No one is looking at you mess up, no one cares if you can’t pop/lock it/drop it – all levels are in class.

Zass Fitness

 Zumba Fitness


Sculpt that bod.  HARCORE.  Crossfit incorporates timed circuits with weights.  It’s intense but if you are looking to get those Michelle Obama arms – get into a class.  Also a perk, lots of boys do crossfit and they can perhaps “spot” you.

Reebok CrossFit

Cave Crossfit

CrossFit NYC

Barre Class

Ladies, these classes are amazing.  Even if you never put on ballet shoes as a child – these classes take you through toning plies and releves that will leave your thighs and butt crying.  The class will also tone your tummy and help you work on your lady-like posture.

Bar Method

Cardio Barre

Pure Barre



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