Two weeks ago I put on my first bridesmaids dress and watched my best friend walk down the aisle toward her future husband. Stop. Rewind. Hold it. Yup that’s right- People my age (24) are starting to take the wedding plunge.

It’s a trend I started to notice this past year. My Facebook wall was constantly being taken over by pictures of sparkling rings on that special finger, followed by engagement photos and the big relationship status change. I started to wonder, seriously, when did I get here? To this place where marriage is the main topic of discussion and a congratulations is in order for people I haven’t seen since middle school and still picture as their seventh grade selves. It’s crazy!

They say marriage ages you ten years, but it’s really everyone elses’ marriages that seem to be aging me. This surge into adulthood was quite unexpected and seemed to totally creep up on me. Suddenly I’m in my “mid-twenties” attending weddings and house warming parties for my friends. I feel like I missed the memo. Marriage? That’s a huge commitment. I’m still trying to decide what outfit to wear on the weekend. I wrestled with a lot of these issues for quite some time.

But going through the wedding process with my best friend really put things in perspective for me. Her engagement lasted about 14 months, during which time she spent planning the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to (I may be bias, but it really was spectacular).  From the dress, to the invitations, to the venue, flowers, vows etc. I was there to hear about the stress of it all. Proving once again how unprepared and not ready for marriage I am. However, the craziness surrounding the wedding didn’t compare to the moment I saw her come down the stairs in her dress, hair and makeup done, ready to do what we had talked about since we were 14.

She was gorgeous and – I admit it – I cried. Clearly the timeline is different for everyone with these types of life events and it happened to be perfect timing for my best friend. She’s happier than I have ever seen her and I’m so proud of her. I guess this age is when things start to shift and marriage ends up being the right choice for some people.

But just a warning: it sneaks up on you. Not to make it all about me, but I instantly felt old and young at the same time (I know – weird – but let me explain). Old because hello! My best friend’s getting married! And young because I am no where near that stage of my life yet. I still need to start my career and live on my own.

Either way I think I better get on board with these big changes. The engagement bug has begun and I predict it’s not going to stop any time soon. Social media has turned into multiple wedding albums and a place of ever-changing last names. The first of my friends is married and eventually the rest will follow, along with me… some day.


  1. Oh my, this post is EXACTLY how I feel. I’m 25, still haven’t started my career (still finishing an undergrad degree) and still live at home, when my best friend got married last year, is preganant, and bought a new house, and my other close friend also just got married and moved away, and now another friend is contemplating the same thing. WTF?! When the hell did this happen?!

  2. Yeah well the rest already followed her and I’m really start getting wasted, how I could be this smart between all my friends but wasn’t smart enough to have a good plan for my adulthood life. I think I’m ready to marriage I want to feel settled with one man caring and supportive this feeling is getting me all the time its natural need its weird for generation like us want to get married in young age, I keep reminding myself time my friend is to prepare you. God will put me in the place when its time comes.

  3. I’m going to five weddings in the next year!

    My first highschool friend got married 3 years ago and already has a 1 year old, and I still can’t get used to that — keep calling her by her maiden name.

    I’m definitely not ready for that yet. I have to grow up first!

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