People are always asking where I get my stuff – so I decided why not write a blog post dedicated to that question. I mean who doesn’t wonder where someone got that cute (or ugly) shirt or those awesome shoes? And this list is not just about clothes and accessories – it is also about food… something else I am extremely picky about. Of course, not all stores I shop at are on this list, but the ones I frequent almost once a week are on here!

Urban Outfitters

Urban obviously tops my list because, if you know me, the majority of clothes in my closet come from there. Cute dresses, stylish tops, hats, shoes, jewelry, headbands… and if you’re not a fan of their prices (which for the quality – they are near awesome), they are ALWAYS having a sale. Sometimes big and sometimes small. And if you look through the racks of clothes long enough, you will almost always find something for cheap – Think Forever 21 prices for a shirt that has 100x better quality. Also, their BDG jeans are great – they fit well and they are great quality. For 40 – 60 dollars, you can get a pair of these jeans… so they’ll be cheaper than designer jeans (unless you’re at a consignment shop) and more money (for good reason) than cheap Forever jeans.


Target is next to Disney World on my list of best places ever. I don’t know if it is because I live a few minutes from Target, but I am there almost everyday. Whether it is to check out the jewelry, clothes, and bikinis or to browse the cheap-but-still-cute shoe section… OR to go grocery shopping through the aisles of cheaper-than-stop-and-shop-priced-food… Target never fails to deliver. Priced almost the same as stuff from Forever 21, clothing from Target is definitely better quality and probably won’t rip – also, you most likely won’t have the “I-only-wore-this-shirt-once” problem with Target clothes. They have AWESOME work clothes that can be turned into going out clothes for us Twenty Somethings too. Also, while you’re clothes shopping, you can get a super stylish and (maybe) comfortable pair of shoes, any toiletries you need, and food – And in some Targets they’ve added a legit grocery section, with fruits, veggies, etc. Who wouldn’t want to get all kinds of shopping done in one place – and not have to browse through gross Walmart? I know people who have not dabbled in what Target has to offer and they are certainly missing out – I hope you are not one of these people after reading this!

Trader Joes

Oh boy, if Trader Joes sold cute clothes and shoes they would be at the top of my list. I have a serious addiction to TJ’s. Maybe its the low calorie frozen meals or the cute packaging they come in, but I just cannot stay away from the food store! As I’ve blogged about before, I love the Pesto Tortellini Bowl meal, the Reduced Guilt Frozen Mac & Cheese, & the 110 calorie bags of Lite Kettle Korn. Each of these are a serious staple in my diet and I would be extremely depressed without them. TJs also has other awesome stuff for those of you who aren’t crazy about dieting… Pesto pizza – yum. And they have these mac & cheese balls that I would totally try, but I can’t right now (Diet). The prices are also pretty cheap. So if you moved out and are in an apartment – TJs is your best bet for high quality food for a low price.


The high prices associated with Nordstrom are the only thing that (sometimes) keeps me away. Also, the fact that there are no stores in the city keeps me away – since I have to drive there – but that is not the point. You can always find stuff in the Junior section (BP) – and even if 12 and 15 year old girls are browsing the same clothes as you with their super stylish mother, this should not keep you away. One time I ran into a mother shopping in the BP section – and she was not with a daughter. She was shopping for herself, as I witnessed her try clothing on. Maybe at her age, she should have been upstairs in the women’s department… but as a girl in her early twenties, it is very much okay to shop there. You can get good quality jewelry, accessories, dresses, blazers, and some nice t’s and tanks! Now, when we mention Nordstrom, the amazing shoe department cannot be left  in the dark. If you need shoes, go to Nordstrom! Bags, makeup, nice jeans, a beautiful dress for a wedding or event, an assortment of designer clothes – its all there. And yes – there is almost always a sale 🙂 If I were you, I would try to catch their semi-annual sale – it owns.


Ohhhh Costco, you are so much better than BJs. Okay, maybe I am just saying this because the crowd is usually more normal at Costco and the free samples are better, but my mom always says that they sell different things. Well, I usually find everything at Costco. If you moved out and live on your own, Costco is a fantastic way to shop. Of course, you can’t get EVERYTHING in bulk, but you could if you wanted… You can get cereal, snacks, peanut butter, frozen food, etc and you won’t have to buy these things again for a few weeks – it is MUCH better than spending 40-50 dollars a week on groceries! And you get free samples – and we all know the number 1 reason to go to Costco is for the free samples!

Forever 21

This store is pretty much a staple in every 20-somethings life (and in every teen’s and pre-teen’s life) – but if I’m going to be completely honest with you, it shouldn’t be. Of course, Forever is great for getting a cheap dress that you ARE only going to wear once… and sometimes I find awesome, cheap shirts that I can wear to work and go out in – and I will wear these shirts more than once. The problem is, that these clothes are SO trendy, that they will be shoved in your closet after the style fades and will eventually be thrown out or brought back to life when the style is somewhat trendy again. Not to mention, that some of the stuff will rip. Jewelry is your best bet at Forever – they have the cheapest, cutest stuff. Headbands too. Shoes I would go to Target for if I was going to get them cheap… because just like their clothes, their shoes are so trendy that you will only wear them once… or you will get blisters everywhere and not be able to walk for a week because they are so uncomfortable. Oh, and XXI is better – so are all the Forever’s in LA… or at least that’s how I remember them! (Please don’t sue me for this section Forever!)

Marshalls/TJ Maxx

Ready, set, search. That is exactly what you will do when you step foot into these inexpensive stores. Shoe shopping is my favorite at Marshalls/TJ. The only bad thing about it is if they are out of a shoe you love in your size. Clothes, you will have to dig for. You should be very careful of what you buy. Make sure for no rips – and know that you will wear that item more than once before you buy it!


Downside to H&M: Everyone shops there. So don’t be surprised if people at work start sporting the same tops as you… The upside is that the prices are cheap and (most) of the stuff is cute. Now, I hate plain – so sometimes H&M does not have what I am looking for… but I can find cute things most of the time. I also have friends who wear awesome, stylish outfits every day and buy most of their clothes for H&M – so it all depends on what you are looking for.


This is a Massachusetts based boutique – with one location in CT and one location in RI (Remember Jasmine Sola? Same owner). I have seen a lot of items and brands at the store in boutiques elsewhere… most specifically Avanti in Ithaca. They have dresses, shirts, etc… some of the stuff is overpriced for sure, but the rest is fine. One time, I had to leave this store because 15 year old girls were giggling and picking out the same clothes as me. But, I have found AWESOME finds here… very trendy, very stylish, lots of compliments. The cheaper stores listed above who sell the same clothes for less don’t help the business (just like they didn’t help Jasmine!) But there are people like me who will browse the store anyway – and only buy when I find something totally unique and original. They also have (very few) designer jeans.

Whats your favorite place to shop, twenty somethings?


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  1. guilty pleasures: marshalls and tj maxx

    high end guilty pleasures: bcbg because of their 60% off sales

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