That Awkward Moment When… I Found out my Italian BF was a Drug Dealer.

Studying abroad in Florence was probably the best experience of my life. I went to class Monday through Thursday where I sat (hungover) in a room with all my new best friends (who were also, obviously, hungover). This was then followed by an afternoon of sitting with a bottle (or five) of wine, eating the best meal of my life (this happened every meal) by the beautiful Arno, taking a nap, and then heading out to a bar.

Along this routine of kinda study, eat, sleep, rage, repeat came Fabbio.

I went into my semester abroad speaking zero Italian and managed to leave speaking it fluently because I fell in love with some Italian guy who spoke absolutely no English. Somehow, through the language barrier, Fabbio came to be my “Italian regazzo” – AKA Italian boyfriend – AKA little did I know “Fabbio” – AKA real name Florian – was a drug dealer from Albania.

Translation: Uh, hi, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, but your boyfriend just got arrested for dealing and will be out of jail in approximately 2 years! Ciao bitch!

Oh, and did I mention within a week of getting out of jail he was engaged? Cool Fabbs, real cool. My semi-state of sadness quickly turned to comedic as every friend I told pretty much cried of laughter.

So ciao to you Fabbio! Thank you for the good times, the good stories, and most importantly the good laughs I frequently have at your expense.


Casey is a recent grad from the University of California, Berkeley where she studied English. Returning to her hometown of Santa Monica, she is now an LA based twenty something - struggling through the array of cat claws that run the world of PR. When she's not working, you can find her reading by the beach, dying at the gym, or more likely than not, at a bar with friends. Fun fact: she loves to travel and has been to Tanzania, the Bahamas, and many amazing places in Europe and Mexico!!

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