I love jewelry. Necklaces, earings, watches, bracelets… I cannot have enough of it. I usually buy jewelry from Forever 21, Target, Nordstrom’s BP section, and anywhere else I can get trendy pieces that will not steal my latest paycheck. But recently I discovered a website that has adorable designer jewelry at affordable prices! Yes, my friends, I am talking about BaubleBarthe most amazing jewelry site in all the land. If you’re a fan of cute jewelry and style, I guarantee you will absolutely love it.

My first purchase on BaubleBar was the Turq Elsa Necklace in turquoise. I got the $42 necklace for $32 because when you join the site they automatically give you $10 to spend! As soon as I took the necklace out of the packaging I knew I was in for a long, passionate love affair with the website… and I didn’t hate it. The statement necklace is perfect to add to any solid colored dress or top. I most recently wore it this past weekend with a pink dress.

Here are 10 of my favorite (affordable) items on BaubleBar right now:

Candy Gem Bracelet – $18

Fuchsia Aztec Strand – $28

Monarch Stone Cuff – $26

Braid Block Bib – $32

Tribal Triad Drops – $26

Tangerine Teardrop Bib – $34


Barbados Tear Studs – $15

Lime Bead Bauble – $26

Color-block Boho Drops – $34

Tribal Triad Bib – $30

I have SO many more favorites on this website. Some are a little on the expensive side (some of the necklaces/rings can be $100+!), but others are just as much – if not less – as the above pieces. There really is something for everyone (and every season) on this site. Just make sure you check BaubleBar on the daily and buy what you like when you see it… They get new items every day and things sell out fast. Let us know what you think. Happy shopping, 20-somethings!


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