My jaw dropped in the last 10 minutes of After the Final Rose. Harrison promised something that would be a Bachelor “first” and he delivered. So, let’s start there, as it truly was the only thing shocking about the finale.

Chris Harrison says it is finally time to announce the next Bachelorette and says Bachelor Nation (a term for the cult followers) and producers were split between Britt and Kaitlyn. He asks the audience “who is team Britt?” and there were a few claps and I swear I heard boos. He asks who is team Kaitlyn and the audience erupts. Doesn’t seem too split to me. He announces, which was predicted by many spoilers, there will be two Bachelorettes and the 25 men will do the picking. Reality Steve says this means one will go home after the first night, though this isn’t confirmed by ABC.

Kaitlyn and a very un-made-up Britt walk out. Seems like an inopportune time to tone down the makeup. Maybe it was strategic after all the comments? Anyways. Things are pretty awkward and Britt is clearly the one who had to fight to be out on this stage. She is over the top thankful and #blessed and Kaitlyn is just plain irritated. This was supposed to be her gig after all. She even notes that it is not an ideal situation. No offense Britt.

#Blessed vs. #ImmaCutYou

Social media is literally freaking the f**k out. Not because they’re happy. I didn’t see a single tweet proclaiming this was a good idea or that they were rooting for Britt. People are calling it anti-feminism (it is) and total bullshit (it is). Because who wanted Britt? From what we can tell, just the producers. If you’re Team Britt, I’d love to hear from you.

So, what the hell happened? My theory has remained steadfast the entire season. Kaitlyn would be the perfect Bachelorette. Except she just doesn’t fit the ABC mold. She’s goofy and a little edgy and says what she wants. Even the most career-driven, seemingly independent Bachelorettes (Alli, Andi) and down to earth chicks (Ashley H, Jillian) noted how incomplete their lives were without a man. How they neeeeded a husband. We’ve never heard this from Kaitlyn, thus making her a producer’s worst nightmare.

So, God forbid we have a lead who is open to finding love, but doesn’t need to settle or rush into marriage. That is why they give us Britt. Sure she is a bimbo and dramatic as hell, but she wants a husband and she wants one now. Not to mention she is conventionally gorgeous, while Kaitlyn’s tattoos and nose piercing are a bit out of the box (whatever, she is perfect to me). The producers wanted Britt. The viewers wanted Kaitlyn.

The show is desperate for viewers, so I am sure this shake up will give them one night of views. My bet is people tune out if and when Britt gets the lead. I just don’t think they’d drag her into this if ABC didn’t intend on keeping her around. Because don’t fool yourself, it won’t be the men picking, it will be the producers.

Ok, off my soapbox.

Here is what happened during the finale, and I will make it quick because it was 2 hours and 50 minutes of boring. The whole thing took place in Chris’s hometown, which was new. Normally they’re off to an exotic island. Everyone knew Whitney would win. Even if you were Team Becca, you knew Whitney would win. His family fell in love with her and were confident in her commitment to Chris. Becca continued to waiver about her feelings, and while the show tried to tease she could prevail, she didn’t.

What happened during the rose ceremony was a little awkward though. Becca stepped out of the limo first, which we know means she doesn’t win. Chris holds hands with her and tells her he could see her as his wife. What? What is happening? Is it Becca? And then he tells her it is over. Not because he loves Whitney. But, because she didn’t return his feelings. And now, he is set to propose to the woman that seems like his safety net.

Source: HollywoodLife

And he does. Propose. Him and Whitney declare their love for one another and he gets on one knee and it is done. On After the Final Rose, Becca and Chris sit down together for the first time and there is not an ounce of chemistry or feelings. My guess is that Chris wasn’t nearly as into her as he seemed and that she knew it wouldn’t work out either all along. It was a story line, because someone had to be second. Whitney comes out and tells us that she has not watched any of the season. She knows what she signed up for and is confident in her relationship.

We know Chris is going to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars, so Arlington is off the table for now. By my calculations between 2 seasons of Bachelor/ette and Dancing, he will be off the farm for a year… can’t be that important to him. The couple looks good together though and seems like a great fit. I’m rooting for them.

What were y’alls thoughts on the episode and the Bachelorettes announcement?



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  1. I’m Team Britt and I’ve seen a lot of people who are (no offense to Kaitlyn, who’s great too). I think ABC framed her in the wrong way for a lot of people. To me, she seemed like a beautiful girl with some deep rooted insecurities. Understandably, she shouldn’t have acted the way that she did the last week, but a lot of it looked like someone with an anxiety disorder, not that she was trying to be selfish. I also don’t think she’s a liar. I think she’s spontaneous and says things without thinking, changing her mind moment to moment. She might not be as level-headed, but I think she’s a genuine girl.

  2. I think ABC is super mean for doing the double Bachelorette thing!!! I mean how would you feel if the majority of 25 hot guys voted that you weren’t wife material? Whoever gets dumped that first night will most certainly need therapy! The producers should have just let Kaitlyn be the one and only Bachelorette from the beginning! I fear the guys might want Britt because they will be under mind control by her perfectly flowing locks of hair…. smh.

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