It’s finally time. Today’s the day. Pretty Little Liars is back, for the last time… until the come back for season 7b, which isn’t the same as actually starting season 7 since, you know, there will be no season 8. *gasp*

We’ve been waiting forever for answers, and it’s time to actually get them. Unless of course they end the entire series without answering our questions, which would just be insanity, right?! In honor of the premiere of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7, here is our official ranking of PLL characters from worst to best. Do you agree?


37. Sara Harvey


Why is she SO creepy? Just creeping around, all sulky, with a hidden agenda and no friends. What is her deal? Wasn’t it enough to just be rescued from the dollhouse? Did she have to stick around? She’s obviously Charlotte’s puppet, but now that Charlotte is dead, what is her end goal? It’s certainly not bringing elbow-length gloves back into style.


36. Tom Marin


Worst dad ever.


35. Paige McCullers




34. Meredith Sorenson


This bitch was crazy.


33. Pastor Ted.




32. Wren Kingston


Not. to. be. trusted.


31. CeCe Drake/Charlote DiLaurentis

hqdefault (3)

Um HELLO. Homegirl is crazy. Granted, she didn’t lead the most “normal” childhood, what with being somewhat related to her boyfriend, transitioning to a girl, growing up in a mental institution… but still. You have to find a hobby, CeCe, it’s time to move on from this Alison obsession. Besides, look where it got you: thrown from a clock tower (allegedly).


30. Mary Drake 


Sara Harvey might be creepy but Mary Drake has some seriously bad juju in her. What kind of person gives away her kid, then lets her grow up in a mental institution, then somehow orchestrates getting out of that institution, hooks up with Alison’s husband, and goes on a revenge mission to get Charlotte’s money? It’s almost too much to follow. It takes a special kind of person to be your dead twin sister risen from the grave to scare the living bejezus out of your niece just to complete some bizarre revenge quest.


29. Elliot Rollins


Worst husband of the year award, right here. First of all where did you get a mask of Detective Wilden? How did you find his dead face and make a mask of it? Second, kudus on the whole planning ahead thing. Having a weird relationship with Charlotte, seducing Alison, marrying her, convincing her to commit herself… congrats on the long game, bro, you win.


28. Shana Fring




27. Alison DiLaurentis

200_s (3)

I think we can all agree, girlfriend is effed up.  If she hadn’t been so power hungry slash obsessed with Ian slash a bully we probably all wouldn’t be sitting here trying to figure out whether we will ever be able to trust her. She’s consistently ruined every single relationship she’s had, was willing to forgive Charlotte for torturing her “friends,” and married Dr. Rollins and then let him convince her she was crazy. She’s pretty much useless in the fight against Uber A and I think we can all agree the show was so much better before she returned. She also returned as the most boring person on earth. I liked her better when she was a bitch.


26. Jessica DiLaurentis

hqdefault (4)

If we’re giving out awards, it’s worst mother of the year, right here. “Oh, my daughter’s been struck in the head and might be dead, I should probably just bury her in our backyard, to cover it up” said no decent mother ever. There are just so many things you could have done better, Jessica, so many. Also, as a side award, creepiest mother of the year as well. Like. Super creepy.


25. Garrett Reynolds


You could have been higher, but nope.


24. Ian Thomas


If you weren’t super creeped out by Ian Thomas, you need to reconsider some things about your life. He’s sleazy, useless and somehow deeply connected with Melissa, which is reason enough not to trust him in the first place. He was also definitely the boy from Disney’s “Smart House” AND “Luck of the Irish” so sorry, I will never take you seriously.


23. Andrew Campbell


He was kind of muscular, so points for that.


22. Jason DiLaurentis




21. Lucas Gottesman


I will never not be wary of trusting Lucas. He was such a good friend, and then such a crappy friend, and then just like kind of too odd and flaky to really trust. You can only be suspected of being “A”s helper for so long before I just write you off completely. Whose side are you ON Lucas??


20. Byron Montgomery

Byron truth PLL

Sketchiest dad of the year. Sketchiest dad of every year. You get the point.


19. Melissa Hastings


We need answers from Melissa Hastings. We’ve had too many almost-reveals with her and it’s just exhausting. I think she played a bigger role in “A”s games. It would be very satisfying if in the end Melissa was pulling all the strings.


18. Jenna Marshall


During the first couple of seasons it was so easy to hate Jenna. She was super creepy with her incestuous relationship with Toby, and clearly had it out for the Liars after they “accidentally” blinded her. But then she lets her guard down, gets her eye surgery, and you almost feel some compassion for her. And then she becomes creepy and dangerous again. I’m on the fence about you Jenna, don’t let me down.


17. Noel Kahn


Just, ew. How many people do you have to date before you realize you’re just another pawn in Alison’s game and your life really isn’t your own? On the one hand you have to feel bad for the kid, who clearly doesn’t have a back bone. But on the other hand, get your act together buddy and stop trying to blackmail people who have more power and resources than you.


16. Darren Wilden


First of hello, super corrupt cop status. It’s a big red flag when you start an affair with Ashley Marin in exchange for keeping Hanna’s shoplifting a secret. Also, major dick move to out Emily to her friends. That just  makes you a generally bad person. Wilden’s involved in so many murders and cover ups it’s impressive he wasn’t offed sooner.


15. Linda Tanner


Obviously Tanner is just trying to do her job by investigating Charlotte’s murder, but she’s clearly not great at it, as she is a little too distrusting of the Liars. She also just happens to be around at all the most inopportune moments that you can’t help but be suspicious of her. Also the ponytail is not working for her. Plot twist: Tanner is Uber A.


14. Mike Montgomery


Mike is the epitome of the younger brother. Tries hard, messes up a lot, frustrates others to no end. You can’t help but feel bad for him with the whole Mona thing. He’s just a baby, after all. But, in true teen boy fashion, he’s hot headed and makes rash decisions, and there’s enough of that, already, thank you very much.


13. Ella Montgomery


Ella would win mom of the year if she didn’t pack up her bags and LEAVE to go marry a man who was too young for her. At least she’s come back down to earth again.


12. Maya St. Germain


You were cool until you died.


11. Veronica Hastings

download (6)

Although V is a little too hard on Spencer sometimes, she is kind of a boss bitch that I aspire to be.


10. Toby Cavanaugh


At what point was it a) acceptable to take your girlfriend’s candy b) appropriate to eat candy before a very important cop mission and c) acceptable that your reaction to consuming weed was some tripped out game room scene where you could no longer stand? Add to that bizarre list dating your sister, joining the A-team, breaking up with Spencer, and generally being not so great at the whole cop thing. So much wasted potential.


9. Ashley Marin


She tries so hard and fails so often. Good job with the whole turning the creepy asylum into a fancy restaurant thing, but like not so great job hooking up with Detective Wilden, almost going to jail for his murder and generally making not so great decisions. Also the affair with Jason? Gross.


8. Ezra Fitz


Oh Ezra, there’s so much you could do with your life. Who didn’t fall in love with Ezria, honestly. And even when “five years later” they’re back at it, writing books and reliving Crazy Town USA, you can’t help but love him. Although there was that one time we were convinced he was “A,” you know, with the whole creepy monitoring-your-every-move thing. But it was for research so we will forgive him. For now.



7. Spencer Hastings


The whole drug habit thing is not really great, and neither is the fact that she’s too proud to share any of her secrets with the other Liars. So many problems could have been avoided if she’d just talked to her friends like normal teenagers. Or just like don’t get involved with your sister’s boyfriend. That’s a good start.



6. Emily Fields

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "It Happened 'That Night" - Coming up on the second anniversary of Alison's disappearance, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are thrown back into turmoil after one shocking night in "It Happened 'That Night'," the season three premiere of ABC Family's hit original series "Pretty Little Liars," premiering Tuesday, June 5th (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT). (ABC FAMILY/ERIC MCCANDLESS) SHAY MITCHELL

If everyone listened to Emily a little more, their plans might actually be successful. On the other hand, the whole complaining all of the time is not so great. Her unrelenting love for Alison is endearing and so sad, because Alison will clearly never share those feelings. But when Emily brings Ali to the mental institution, talk about #feels.


5. Pam Fields


Pam gets one up on her daughter because she’s done nothing wrong the whole show. If she turns out to be Uber A, fine I was wrong – but Pam is usually just tryna drink wine. She’s also always so god damn anxious. Someone pop Pam a xanax.


4. Aria Montgomery

giphy (69)

Aria has some good ideas, but also lets herself get convinced too easily by people who don’t have her best intentions in mind. She’s the little protagonist everyone likes to cheer for, mostly because we remember her rendezvous with Ezra at the bar way back when, but like use your brain just a little bit more, girl. Also A+ sex scene at the end of Season 6. (Womp womp for BF Liam though…)


3. Mona Vanderwaal


Mona gets things done. She might be batsh**t crazy, and may have spent a lot of time being “A” and torturing people, but girlfriend can manipulate a computer to do just about anything. At some points, you really have to feel for her, as she really does try to help the Liars and they just shut.her.down. The whole porcelain doll collection/blood collection thing is super creepy, but Mona was clutch in helping the girls escape the dollhouse.


2. Hanna Marin

giphy (68)

I wanted Hanna to be so much more badass than she is. She’s definitely fought some good battles, and killed it at the whole being Mona’s best friend and also frenemy thing, but like get your act together, Hanna. There’s always a little doubt in my mind that she could be working with Uber A. Also how did you not check under the bed before letting everyone leave you in a creepy cabin to meet up with a known manipulator/killer/generally terrible person??


1. Caleb Rivers


He’s is 100% the only capable person on this show. He’s technically savvy, worldly, and clearly has a good head on his shoulders. I’m not a fan of Spaleb (I’m Haleb all the way), but regardless of who he is dating he’s the one with the plans and the follow through. Definitely need some clarification on the whole Ravenswood thing, but we’re getting there. Also RIP bromance with Toby.


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