Clueless is one of those movies you loved at thirteen but appreciate even more at twenty. It’s also one of those movies I can watch from my deathbed when I’m hung over on a Sunday morning. Cher is one of my favorite female characters – light-hearted, happy, kind and, of course, fabulous. This morning I noticed how Cher’s fashion choices follow some seriously current trends. Four examples:

Oxblood: This is the color I’m clamoring over this fall. Refinery dedicated a whole slideshow to cheap oxblood finds. I snapped up this pair of pants at AE (of all places) and am in love with them. I used them to put together this casual Friday ensemble for work and as my friend and cube-mate said, it felt like “the perfect fall outfit”! Cher was right on the money with this adorable dress – the shape is playful enough to balance out the serious hit of color.

Body Con: LiLo and Herve Leger made body-con dresses a staple wardrobe item a few years ago, but Cher proved how killer a curve hugging dress could be back in ’95, in red nonetheless. Classic.

Sock bun: I don’t know if there’s a sock under Cher’s bun, but one way to achieve that kind of volume is to use the sock trick. It gives great hold and eliminates the need for using damaging backcombing techniques. Sock buns are a lifesaver when you’re a day or two overdue for a wash or in a pinch for time.

Leather mini: Leather pants seem to be on a three-year chicness cycle. This year the material has been reincarnated in lots of ways – the most interesting being the shirt, the legging and the skirt. Cher went simple and classic with a high waist and tucked in white blouse, a lot like Kourt. I think some opaque tights, booties and a chunky fisherman sweater would make a cozy cute going-out-for-coffee outfit. (Note: Cher (and Alicia Silverstone in real life), like myself, is an animal lover and would always go for faux!).

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