In 2011, this website was founder Sam’s personal blog and now, thanks to the huge success of 2014, it’s so much more than that. That being said, this year was kind of sort of a really good year for Forever Twenty Somethings. We got a BEAUTIFUL makeover, had many articles go viral without being published elsewhere for the first time, and even had one FTS original article published in Cosmopolitan South Africa!

But even though we’re super excited to see what 2015 has in store for us, we don’t want to leave 2014 in the dust. We had a lot of really awesome posts this past year! So in order to keep them from disappearing, we put together a list of our top posts from 2014 AKA the ones the readers (you guys!) seemed to like the most. Perhaps you’ve seen them all or perhaps you missed a few. Either way, check them out below. And thanks for being part of our FTS family this year. We <3 you and hope you continue reading in 2015!

Our (1)

We were self-conscious…

10 Struggles of Being Not Fat But Not Skinny

Things I’m Not Sure If It’s Still Okay To Wear

We were(n’t) in love…

13 Reasons Wine Is Better Than Any Boyfriend

The 10 Most Annoying Things About Living With a Guy

Dating Problem #902893: Getting Ghosted On

We were nostalgic…

The Top 15 Things Limited Too Sold in the 90s

25 Signs You Were a Basic 90s B*tch

35 Signs You’re a Basic 2000s B*tch

30 Signs You’re a Product of the 90s

50 Things That Made You Feel Cool In High School

We were missing college…

11 Things I Miss About College In My Mid-20s

We were great friends…

7 Reasons Your High School Friends Will Be Your Friends For Life

10 Things That Happen When You’re the Hot Mess of the Friend Group

The 13 Types of People in Every Friend Group

We were kind of boring…

Excuses You Make When You Don’t Want To Go Out

The Inner Monologue of a 20-Something Debating Going Out on a Friday

We were in our 20s…

You Know You’re 25 When

15 Signs You Are Almost 30

The 12 Stages of Going Out In Your 20s

10 Thoughts Every 20-Something Women Has While Shopping

20 Things You Must Be Able To Do Before You Can Call Yourself an Adult

18 People You Should Defriend From Facebook in your 20s

Why Every 20-Something Female Should Be Ashamed of Herself

9 Signs You’re Too Old To Go Out on Thanksgiving Eve


15 Signs You’re a Picky Eater For Life

9 Excuses You Tell Yourself When It’s Time To Wash Your Hair

25 Signs You Used To Be a Cheerleader

100 Thoughts I Have During Pure Barre

20 Struggles of 20-Somethings Who Work On College Campuses

10 First World Girl Problems We All Know Too Well

What was your favorite FTS article in 2014? What do you want us to write about in 2015? Let us know in the comments! 


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