What your TV can Teach you about Working out

The relentless raging against various social media and their influence on our self-esteem somehow stole the spotlight in the past few years, and for a good reason. But as a consequence, the impact of other media, primarily our beloved (or not) TVs has stayed in the shadow, still powerful, but less prominent and less discussed.…

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7 “In-Between Jobs” You Shouldn’t Look Down On

Most of us have been there — you’re out of college, your years of hard work having armed you with a diploma, ready to take on the world. Except, it’s been a few months, and your job search turned up squat. Or you did have your dream job (or at least a job that paid…

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FTS Book Club: ‘Shatter Me’

The Book: Shatter Me   The Author: Tahereh Mafi   What It’s About: Juliette Ferrars is a 17 year old girl that was cursed or blessed with a gift — depending on who you are talking to. She has an electrifying, paralyzing touch. Just one tap and she can drain the energy out of another…

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