What The F*ck Happens Between Ages 26 & 28 That Forces People To Grow Up So Quickly?

26 is an age where you’re an adult, but you’re also still young as fuck. You’re not expected to have your shit together, but it’s cool if you do. You’re not expected to be in a relationship, but it’s also normal if you’re getting married. It’s okay if you’re trying to make $19 last in…

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Screw Ageism In The Workplace: How I Landed A Great Job, Despite My Age

“Do you remember back when… oh, you won’t remember this,” is something I hear at least twice a day at work. Being the only millennial in the office isn’t easy. Especially when you’re the youngest employee by 15 years. I’ve worked hard to get where I am. In fact, I have more education and experience than…

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