10 Broadway Songs To Get You Through Life

Nothing can’t be solved with a good Broadway show. Even if you’re not a fan, you can still appreciate the thought, art, and emotion behind each soundtrack (well, at least the good ones). Like any good movie or television show, it will mentally take you away and have you reflecting on life. So if you’re…

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The 9 Types of Friends We All Have (as told by Vanderpump Rules)

If you haven’t seen Vanderpump Rules, you should. Slightly classier than Jersey Shore, but more relatable to 20somethings than Real Housewives, Pump Rules is a roller coaster ride full of drama. Every person on the show looks like they stepped out of a photoshoot, so it’s a no brainer that everyone is sleeping with everyone,…

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The Stages of a Drunken Night Out: As Explained by Ed Sheeran

Source: Daily Mail

We’ve all been Ed Sheeran. Just a casual night out with your besties. Ok, just one shot. But, just one. Seriously. So much PDA for your BFF. No inhibitions. So much confidence. Deep conversations. So much depth and contemplation of the meaning of life. Probably with a stranger. Feeling great. Loving life.  Another round! The angry…

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