Oscars Recap: The Top 10 Moments From The 2015 Academy Awards

A lot happened during 2015’s “50 Shades of Why is Dakota Johnson at the Oscars” I mean the Oscars… First, Khloe Kardashian joined us for the red carpet over on E! and told us that Anna Kendrick’s dress was too “daytime” because the Kardashians live in an alternate universe where people wear ball gowns during…

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24 Reasons We Love Anna Kendrick

1.     She’s a twenty-something! (She’s 29) 2.     She can actually sing 3.     She can play a princess 4.     But also knows how to make fun of them 5.     She’s not afraid to be vulgar on social media The scent wafting out of Abercrombie stores is a fucking day ruiner. How did they manage…

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