I Tried To Relive My College Days And This Is What Happened

One of the most difficult feelings to deal with is an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. For me, it’s always because something reminded me of college. And who doesn’t miss college? I miss the dorms, the city, even the classes. I’m sure our best years are yet to come, but college was awesome and sometimes I…

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11 Signs You Are Dating The Internet

Some people find love on the internet. You, however, have found love with the internet. As in the whole damn thing. The Internet is your boyfriend. Your girlfriend. Your lover. Your best friend. It excites you. It motivates you. Sometimes it even makes you so damn angry, but the passion makes your relationship stronger. No matter what, you always…

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17 Things I Miss About Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Hokies. People know our name, know the mascot (even if they’re confused as to what it is. It’s a turkey, fyi). But unless you’ve been to Blacksburg, unless you’ve actually experienced the Hokie Nation, you don’t know what it means to love this place. Blacksburg is a town in southwestern Virginia of about 43,000 residents…

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