I Noticed Wrinkles On My Face In My Late 20s—Here’s What I Did

I’ve always been addicted to looking the mirror. Why? Because I’m obsessed with fixating on my flaws (both real and imagined). That being said, it didn’t take long for me to notice that my face was changing when I entered my late 20s. At first, I didn’t know what was different. All I knew was…

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11 Moments You That Will Make You Think ‘I’m Old’ In Your 20s

The other day I was in my overpriced workout class scoping out the scene before class started. As I looked around, all I saw were young girls chatting about Bumble and being, like, soooo hungover. I wondered how all of these college students could afford such an expensive exercise class. I mean, when I was in college, I…

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Here Are All The Mistakes I Made While Trying To Save Money In My 20s

Throughout my 20s so far, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I forgot to write thank you emails after job interviews. I tweezed my eyebrows until they were way too thin (the horror). I thought people felt a certain way about me (good and/or bad) when they didn’t (in other words, I am really fucking paranoid). These mistakes…

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