If you already have a close relationship with your parents, they’ll likely become your best friends in your 20s. And having your parents become your best friends can be the biggest blessing.

Here are 9 reasons why your parents become your best friends in you 20’s:


1. They give you their honest opinions and you actually appreciate what they have to say.

In your 20’s, you will definitely learn to appreciate what your parents have to say. Listen to your parents, as you can get the best advice when it comes to your career, love life, health, fiances, as well as all other important life matters.

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2. They’ve supported you throughout your entire life and you know they always will be there for you.

As you were growing up, your parents were the two people who stuck by your side for the good times. They’ve seen you when you passed your drivers test, bought your first car, graduated high school and college, got engaged, got married, had your first child, as well as other happy milestones in your life. They also were there for all of the bad times in your life and may have seen you get your heart broken, get a few bad grades, lose friends, fail at something new you tried, or any other bad times you may have dealt with throughout your life. But, your parents never left your side regardless of the situation and you know they will always support you for the rest of your life.

3. They love you unconditionally and you know they always will.

Your parents make the perfect best friends due to them being so loving, caring, and loyal to you. They only want the absolute best for you and always play a huge role in your life as they love you unconditionally.

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4. They’ve seen you at your worst and you are thankful for them still sticking by your side.

Not all of us are perfect, as we have tendencies of being crabby, grumpy, grouchy, or just plain moody. But, your parents will stick by your side regardless of your mood swings because, they truly love you and accept you even at your worst moments.

5. They talk to you for hours when you know they have other things they could be doing.

It doesn’t matter what topic you want to discuss with your parents, they will always make themselves available for you. Even if you want to talk boring topics such as what happened on your favorite television show, or what the weather is like, your parents still will set aside their valuable time to discuss anything you feel like discussing even if its nonsense.

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6. They’ve taught you life lessons and you appreciate that.

Once you get older, you will be appreciative for all of the life lessons they taught you. I’m sure your parents engraved several different life lessons in your head but, as an adult you will be so grateful for them doing that.

7. They go out of their way to spend time with you even when you know they have busy schedules.

Often your parents will go way out of their way to make time to hangout with you. Even if you guys go out to eat, go shopping, go see a movie, or just relax at home, you’ll be extremely grateful that your parents are taking time out of their busy schedules to hangout with you.

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8. They look out for you regardless of your age and your grateful for that.

Parents always will look out for your regardless of your age. It doesn’t matter how old you are they will always be concerned about you. They still like to know your whereabouts and everything that’s going on in your life even when your in your 20’s.

9. They’ve always told you when your wrong and still tell when you your wrong.

As hard headed as we are in our 20’s, we are not always right. I hate to admit, we are all sometimes wrong about school, work, or something general in our life. But, our parents have no problem telling us we’re wrong and as much as we hate being wrong, we sometimes need to step back and reconsider our life choices.

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If you’re lucky enough to have two supportive parents, they definitely can become your best friends in your 20’s. As they will be brutally honest with you, extremely supportive, love you unconditionally, stick with you throughout the good and bad times, spend hours talking to you over the phone, continue to teach you life lessons, spends unlimited amounts of time with you, will protect you, and will tell you when your wrong about something.

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