I lived at home for a year and 3 months after graduating college. My first apartment post-college was 30 minutes from my house, and I knew I could go ‘home’ whenever I wanted. So I did. At first, I went home often but once I got used to living on my own I started going once or twice a week. Of course, as I got busier and more adjusted to life in the city I started going home less. But I was (and am) still calling it home. The only question is, why?

Well, my answer to that would be: it is. I lived there throughout my entire adolescence and went back there during college breaks. And even though I might not have a room there anymore and I (hopefully) won’t be moving back there again, I still have three younger brothers who live there. I would feel too weird calling it ‘my parent’s house’ when they’re not the only ones living there. I guess I could call it my ‘family’s house,’ but that’s weird too… because if it’s my family’s house, isn’t it mine too?

I feel like half the people I talk to my age refer to the place they grew up as ‘home’ and the other half refer to it as their ‘parent’s house.’ Even some people who live with their parents call it their parent’s house. But like, when did that change? When did the house you grew up in automatically change to your parent’s house and not yours? Unless you grew up calling it your parent’s house (which would be weird), I don’t understand. The ONLY way I could understand is if your parent’s moved later on in high school, during college, or right after you graduated… because then, that house would be kind of foreign to you. But the place you grew up — it’s different.

After living on my own for just about two years now (I’m not including my college years), I’m confused as to what home is. I say I’m home when I’m in my apartment, but if I’m heading to see my family I also say I’m going home. Do I have two homes? Or am I just refusing to let go? Maybe this is one of those confusing parts of being a twentysomething…  Or am I totally wrong? Will my thought process automatically change when I turn 25? What about 26? Is there some life change I’ll go through that will make me start calling it my parent’s house?

Now, I’m not saying that the place I grew up is my house… technically, it IS my parents house (they paid for it)… but it’s my home. There’s a huge difference between a house and a home… and until I settle down in a permanent house and start my own family, the place I grew up will be home. I mean, I have no money to buy my OWN home and there a wide variety of perks to visiting home…

So what do you think twentysomethings? Is it ‘home’ or ‘parent’s house’ to you?


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