When I was in college, I used to party all the time. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Okay, that was usually it, but four days a week is a lot. I mean, now that I’m 27, one day is a lot.

I definitely don’t miss going out that much. I was extremely unhealthy, and if I tried living that lifestyle now, I would probably end up at the hospital in a hangover-induced coma. But while I’m happy with the lack of partying that goes on in my life now, there are still plenty of things I miss about my party girl days (aka my PG days).



I was in my prime PG days from age 20 to age 24. At age 25, I struggled to hang on to my PG days and would get insanely sick and tired after drinking because my body just couldn’t hang anymore. At age 26, my mind caught up to my body and was like, ‘hey girl, you need to slow your roll and maybe grow up.’ Now, at age 27, I have finally accepted my new lifestyle and the fact that my PG days are over, but I am so bored.

Here are 7 things I miss about my PG days. RIP fun self.



1. Having a reason to shop for new outfits all the time.

Back in my PG days, it was never a question if I would go out over the weekend. It was a known fact. I literally always went out. Every now and then, I would throw a ‘casual’ night into the mix, but the most important thing I’ve learned in my 20s -this is an exaggeration – is that if you try to have a ‘casual’ night, you will end up having the exact opposite.

Regardless of the evening’s ambiance, I always needed new clothes to wear out for any and all occasions. Now, I have trouble justifying clothes because I never know what I’ll need them for. I can only buy new outfits when I have a need for them — and the constant need to buy clothes is kind of gone. Sigh.


2. Wearing fierce outfits on the reg.

When I say fierce outfits, I mean anything that is edgy, sexy, or fun. Now, I barely have any reasons to dress up like those things. My closet has gone from being versatile to ‘cute.’ And we all know cute is a nice way of saying ‘boring.’ Like, I want to wear my effing black romper with a choker, and then I want to wear my high waisted white skirt with it’s matching white crop top, but I literally have no reason to wear either of these things and I hate my life. Just kidding, I don’t hate my life. But I really want to wear these outfits.


3. The confidence that comes from getting hit on.

It is almost impossible to get hit on if the only places you go to are to work and an all-women workout class. In other words, I never get hit on anymore. And I’m not saying that I want to be hit on. I’m in a relationship. I don’t need to be hit on. But, I’ve been in that relationship for seven years. We have been together for so long that my boyfriend is into me no matter what I look like (and sometimes it can be bad).

It was nice getting hit on by randoms back in the day, even if I acted like it was SO uncalled for and rude. Inside, it boosted my ego. Now, I am the only person who hits on myself. Isn’t that sad?


4. Making bad decisions that I could later laugh at.

Now, all I can laugh at is those bad decisions I made in the past. Still, I’m getting kind of sick of laughing about those stories. The problem: I have nothing new to laugh about. Ever since my PG days ended, I stopped making bad decisions, and life became very boring when I stopped being an idiot. But I miss being an idiot. Can I ever be an idiot again as an adult without being looked down upon? Because I want to do something I will be upset about for a few weeks (or months) that I will laugh at in a year or so.


5. Having stories to tell people thanks to those bad decisions.

Not only does not making bad decisions make life boring, it means I have no fun stories to tell anyone. For instance, if I go to brunch with people, I can’t talk about what I did the night before without putting people to sleep. Even if I go out, I usually just go home early and go to bed.

I mean, there was one time a few months ago where I slept in my car. I was trying to relive my PG days, but I hated it so much that I tried to go home early. However, I left my keys at my apartment and my boyfriend fell asleep because, well, we are boring, so he couldn’t let me in. And yeah – I guess that’s a ‘story,’ but if we’re comparing it to a story from my PG days, it doesn’t compare at all.


6. Knowing I always had someone to go out with, no matter the time or day.

This is the one I miss the most I think. I miss being able to make plans with people at the last minute. I miss being able to make plans with people without having to pull up my calendar and list off the weekends I am unavailable. I miss when other people weren’t super busy either. Now, it’s so hard to find a time when two people are both available – never mind an entire group. It’s like, can’t we all be responsibility-free again?


7. Looking like I was fun and exciting on social media.

Because now, 90 percent of the pictures I post are of food. And 10 percent are of me taking pictures of myself to show you guys that I still exist and still look decent.




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  1. First of all; you don’t have kids, second, you don’t have a job that matters if you come to work hung over, third, you don’t respect the person you are with so you have no concept of how they might react to your cheating, third, if you Can’t respect the person you are with…how can you expect life to go on for you?

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