In every friend group, there is a planner (or two… or three) who is/are the sole reason your friend group still exists. Without the planner(s), you would probably only hang out with the 2-3 people you text on a semi-regular basis and would probably lose touch with literally everyone else.

The planner has to put up with a lot of shit. The the complaints, the radio silences, the manipulation. It’s enough to make a planner stop planning, but for some reason, the planner keeps planning. Why? I’m not sure.

As someone who has planned things on occasion, but is not by definition a ‘planner’ at all, I know what’s up for all the planners out there. Some people get off to planning, so maybe these things don’t bother them. But for someone who enjoys going with the flow and being *spontaneous AF,* these things bothered me in .2 seconds of being responsible.

Here are 13 annoying things planners deal with when planning. If you’re not a planner, think about these things the next time you roll your eyes at the planner, complain about the planner, and/or ignore the planner. Don’t piss the person in charge of your nightlife off if you want to be social!


1. Debating whether or not you should start a mass text.

Will people get annoyed? Will anyone respond? Will too many people respond?


2. Not knowing who to put on a mass text because some people HATE mass texts.

And then getting yelled at by someone who didn’t want to be on the mass text you put them on, because there’s always one person even if you cut out the people you knew hated mass texts in the first place.


3. Dealing with the sadness that comes after no one responds to your mass text.

Especially when no one even has the courtesy to text you separately on the side. Why does everyone hate you?


4. Not having anything to do when you don’t initiate making plans with other people.


5. Trying to track people down for money for things like rented homes, party buses, concerts, dinners, airfare, hotels, etc.


6. Listening to people complain to you about whatever the plans are.

But you know if you change the plans to make them happy, other people will start complaining to you about the new plans.


7. Complaining to the other planners in the friend group about the people who are complaining.

It’s not fun unless people were complaining about it beforehand, right?


8. When people won’t tell you if they’re in or not in because they’re most likely waiting to see who else is coming.

It’s never enough that you’re going, sigh.


9. Struggling to answer a million incoming texts if people do decide to cave into your plans.

A few hours ago, you thought everyone hated you. Now you’re getting too many texts to answer. People really will hate you after you ignore them, though.


10. Getting blamed for someone not having fun during the night you planned because you planned it, even though said person not having fun is totally not your fault.


11. When that one person who never makes an effort to plan anything that everyone seems to follow always tells everyone to go somewhere and everyone does with no issues.

They are the silent planner. They don’t have to actually do anything. People just hear they’re involved and they flock. Why can’t you be a silent planner?


12. When you actually manage to plan something successfully, and then everyone starts bailing at the last second.

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was competing with Netflix. If you were going to stay in or ‘fall asleep’ and not answer my texts until the next morning, you could have told me that from the beginning right?!


13. Deciding you’re never planning anything ever again, but then feeling like you have no friends in 5-7 days, so doing it all over again.

It’s a vicious cycle, but someone has to start it or else your going out days will be over and you’ll, like, officially be old. AHH. NOT THAT.


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