Is it just me or has Ezra Fitz sent you on a roller coaster of emotions since he first showed his beautiful face at The Grille in season one?

Warning! Warning! Warning! If you haven’t watched or aren’t caught up, the show may or may not be ruined for you after reading this.

Let’s take a look back to answer the question: What is Ezra going for?!

Intrigue. Who IS this guy, eating alone at the bar? He travels. He writes. He reads. He asks questions. He immediately seems semi-interested in Aria, even though (she neglects to say) she is 16. He is kinda tall, dark and handsome, and mysterious as eff.


Shock Value. In the first two or so seasons, you think Ezra is pretty ballsy for sneaking around with one of his students. But then you may have thought he had an ulterior motive. I mean, look at those eyes.


Forbidden Fruit Status. How taboo are student/teacher relationships? VERY. Yet he still goes for it. What is his deal? He and Aria can’t be seen in public and must take their dates to Philadelphia. HOW AWFUL, they can’t eat at what seems to be the only restaurant in Rosewood (The Grille.)


Complete Control. Aria CANNOT tell anyone about their relationship. She does anyway, duh. She also is forbidden from seeing other people, mostly Noel Kahn while waiting to take their SAT. Aria and Ezra MUST keep their makeout sessions contained to his studio apartment.


Protection. Ezra goes out of his way to protect Aria from telling his secrets, spreading her own secrets but yet has no problem getting info out of her. So how does he do this? Puts her up in his creepy cabin in the middle of the woods, of course!


The Sweet, Sensitive Teacher Vibe. Ezra reads Aria’s short stories, with heart eyes much like that one emoji. He gets her vegan takeout. They split a brownie sundae in his miniscule kitchen. This makes you forget all the sketchy things he does and think, he might actually be a decent, loving guy. He helps Emily and Spencer with their college search. But red flag! Something still seems off.


Straight Up Sketchball Status. He has multiple lairs. He has a creeper cabin. He keeps his tell-all next great American novel on the girls in a book on barbecuing. He dresses up on Halloween in a WWII gas mask. WTF?


Loving, poetic boyfriend. Ezra and Aria shared a beautiful moment in the season 4 finale. He was about to reveal who A is…makes a comment on how beautiful it is on the roof…then collapses to his (possible) death. There were tears. There were emotional words. It was beautiful, and frustrating. WHO IS A?!


Ezra is like an onion, with many layers including but not limited to ex-fiancé to Jackie Molina; baby-daddy-but-not-really to Maggie; crazy, psycho, loaded mother; equally creepy younger brother, etc. Hopefully we will get a blooming onion of sorts in season five…exposing the many layers of Ezra. Or he’ll just be forgotten, much like the laundry list of other characters on the show (hello, Lucas???)


Liz Witter is a 2011 graduate of St. Bonaventure University where she majored in broadcast journalism with a (useless) minor in French. She is originally from Rochester, NY but moved to Boston for a job...then another job. She spends her free time sleeping, going to Sephora or doing crafts. She plays volleyball recreationally and refuses to believe she peaked in high school. She’ll take Tim Hortons over Dunkin, and Wegmans over basically anything. You can follow her on Twitter at @lwitta6.

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