A lot was revealed in this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars… Byron has abusive tendencies, Mona is actually smart, Toby is actually evil, and Lucas is a timid little bitch (Mona’s to be exact). But even though we found out more clues to… I actually  don’t even know what we’re trying to figure out anymore, we’re still left with the same thing we’re left with every week: MORE QUESTIONS.

Aria and Meredith bond over a mutual fear of creepy Byron.

Byron and Meredith – who we will now call Mer, like the young, blonde, evil step-mother-to-be from The Parent Trap – no longer think that Aria set the shed on fire… but that’s only because the police have found another suspect AKA the creepy janitor who Mona claims came to Rosewood to stalk her and set the shed on fire to hurt her.

Aria witnesses Mer and Byron having a fight and sees her dad grab Meredith’s broken arm. This makes Aria believe even more that her dad killed Ali. If he’s violent enough to grab someone’s arm he must be a murderer! She follows Mer to the coffee shop (do people hang out anywhere else in this town?) and finds out that her dad’s statutory GF is actually on her side. Mer caught Byron going through Aria’s stuff, so she did a little snooping around herself to find out what Byron was looking for. She found the page from Ali’s diary that her dad somehow found in one of Aria’s many boots and then tells Aria that she was with Byron the night of Ali’s death… and when he left her apartment, he went to Ali’s to ‘beat her’ (why Mer didn’t call the police after he said those words is beyond me)… and the next day, she was found dead. NBD. And whyyyy are you now dating the man who claimed he was going to beat up a 16 year old who is now dead? Also, how did Ella sleep through all this? I wish red wine did that to me.

Byron conveniently has to go on a last minute business trip, so Mer and Aria decide to team up and find out if Byron really did kill Ali while he is gone. That’s probably going to be pretty hard to do, considering Byron probably took any evidence leading to that conclusion with him… But whatever, this is Rosewood. Anything could happen!

Mona got brain in last week’s episode, so this week she decides to use it.

At Rosewood High, joining the Academic Decathlon team is actually social suicide. The guy running against Spencer for team captain was hurt in a bike accident by A, so Mona joins the team and run against her instead. Why getting hurt and needing physical therapy would stop a person from studying, I have no idea, but… whatever. The team’s vote for captain lands in a tie, forcing the two to compete in a Decathlon-off… or something like that. After the competition date is set, A texts Spencer ‘Quit while you’re ahead Bitch.’ 1. Why is the B capitalized? Bitch is not her name. 2. That text was very sexual. It must be Toby. Fucking creep. 3. That text was most definitely Toby. Mona seems to be off texting-duty, which is why the A’s texts basically suck now.

At the quiz-off, the team, full of highly attractive nerds, watch Mona and Spencer battle it out answering questions that no normal person would ever know the answers to. It’s like the Mean Girls mathlete competition meets Zoolander‘s walk off with Hansel… Spencer should have just said the limit does not exist (which it doesn’t at all in Rosewood)… or started dancing. I mean, what WAS wit that techno music playing in the background? And the close ups? Spencer gets the one question wrong that we heard her study with Toby… Was he giving her false information? Whatever the case, Spencer should just forget about Toby and go after the hot nerd that seems to run the team. Or the cute guy from the country club. Whatever happened to him anyway? Anything. but. Toby.

Emily and Paige find A in the woods. NBD.

While driving through the woods to a random out-of-town party, Paige, who actually looks somewhat decent, has a panic attack. The two get out of the car and Paige admits that since Halloween, she’s been scared to do anything because she’s afraid something bad will happen (welcome to Rosewood). Well, for one, you are standing in the middle of the woods in a deserted area alone with your girlfriend so you’re kind of doing this to yourself. She only agreed to go with Emily to this party because she didn’t want to seem weak (Em likes strong women… PAIGE STRONG). Emily suggests the two take a walk through the woods in the dark and leave the car stranded on the side of the road with the windows rolled down. No wonder people love fucking with these girls.

Paige claims she wants to go  ‘anywhere with lights and people’ when they get back to the car. Is that why you took a walk in the dark, deserted woods alone with Emily?! That can’t exactly happen, though, since someone slashed the one of their tires leaving them stranded. This is obviously the work of A, who casually pops out of the bushes (Toby really isn’t good at this whole A thing) letting Emily chase him into the woods. A gets away and is revealed as Toby. Paige and Emily have a not-your-average-high-school-sleepover that makes no sense after this. They kiss goodnight. It’s awk. Also, Paige wore all sorts of braids in this episode. She really is a lesbian.

Lucas confides in Hannah.

Lucas tells Hannah that as long as Mona is back, they’re not safe. This comment leads Hannah to Lucas’ house to find out more. After checking to make sure no one is hiding out in his bathroom, Lucas tells Hannah that Mona has been blackmailing him. Apparently he got a hold of all the answers to every test given at Rosewood High and was selling them. Rosewood really needs to get a better security system (duh). When he told Mona he was done being her bitch, a black SUV tried to run him over, which he is convinced was being driven by Mona (wrong). Now that he’s deleted all evidence of the computer hacking, he’s leaving Rosewood to be home-schOOled (hear: Regina George) and is sure this will stop Mona from going after him.

Two A’s Are More Evil Than One

Mona, dressed in a black hoodie, watches Byron pack a briefcase in his office and tell someone over the phone when he leaves. We then cut to the woods and see a sign that may or may not have said ‘Campground Smiles.’ We hear lots of train noises and see another person in a black hoodie (Toby?) burying those freak masks under leaves. We are left with no idea as to what is going on… but what we do know is that Toby is totally evil. He’s only dating Spencer because he needed to get close to the group and Emily turned out to be a lesbian. Duh.


WHO IS TOBY WORKING FOR? Number 2? Dr. Evil? Frau? Alison Dilaurentis? But seriously – who is this ‘boss?’

Why does leaving Rosewood High, but staying in Rosewood, make people like Lucas and Jenna safe?

Who are all these other kids in the high school? And why aren’t they scared of Mona?

Why are Aria and Ezra IMing each other through AOL? What is this? 1999?

How did Toby know where and when Paige was going to have a panic attack and get out of the car? I would say maybe Paige is involved, but not everyone in Rosewood can be that good at acting. This isn’t Glee.

What is with these $100+ Urban Outfitters dresses being paired with weird vests worn underneath? Stop trying to make jackets only consisting of sleeves happen, Aria. It’s not going to happen.

How does Spencer not realize her boyfriend is A? You would think she would, like, go through his phone on the reg just to see what he’s up to since she’s such a detective and all.

Is the super hot nerd a teacher or student? I can’t tell anymore. Everyone looks the same age.

Did the handwriting in Ali’s journal look a lot like the handwriting on the ‘brain’ sign from Mona’s locker or is this show actually driving me off the deep end?

Why isn’t anyone suspicious of Byron’s impromptu business trip?

I get that the A team is trying to fuck with the liars by doing things like slashing their tires and stealing their captain-ships, but seriously… what are they ultimately trying to accomplish? There has to be an underlying goal here, right? SO. CONFUSED.

What are your thoughts? Can you answer any of our questions! Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I don’t think Byron actually killed Ali, but i DO think he knows something really really important. I don’t think Aria should be so quick to trust Meredith though, just a few episodes ago Meredith was still an evil bitch.

    I’m still not sure if I trust Paige or Lucas and Jason is seeming really sketchy lately. Seems like every secondary character is a suspect for Ali’s killer or the A team.

    • Samantha Matt Reply

      I was just talking about this at work! Meredith might be part of the A team because she heard Aria and her mom talking, but stil went in there to say she wasn’t pressing charges even though she knew they weren’t talking about that… Then she left with a evil smile. Also, my co-worker suggested she might have been on the other end of the phone with Mona at the end of the show when she told someone ‘he left.’ ALSO, what happened to that CeCe bitch? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

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