Season 7 of “Pretty Little Liars” is fast approaching and we’ve been promised answers — lots and lots of answers.

Here’s 33 question we absolutely need to be answered this season:

1. Where is Hanna?

2. Who took Hanna?

3. Who is this new emoji-obsessed “A”?

4. What does “A.D.” stand for? (If not the very obvious “Alison DiLaurentis”)

5. Where the eff has Mary Drake been all this time?

6. What is Elliot’s end goal?

7. Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis?

8. What is going to happen with Spaleb?

9. Who does Caleb really love??

10. When will the Liars start listening to Emily?

11. Who killed Charlotte?

12. Seriously though, where is Hanna?

13. Why did they kill Charlotte?

14. How much did Charlotte know about everything?

15. What is the Carissimi Group, really?

16. Who is Charlotte’s dad?

17. What is Sara’s deal?

18. Why is Sara so creepy?

19. What is going on with Aria’s love life?

10. Is Hanna still engaged?

21. How did the Liars possibly not think to check under the bed during Hanna’s little cabin-A rendezvous?

22. Will Ali ever get out of the hospital?

23. Is Charlotte really dead? (Given previous fake deaths of characters — AKA Mona — you can’t believe everything!)

24. How does A possibly have the time to cook up these elaborate schemes?

25. How does A possibly have the skills to carry out these schemes?

26. Why is “Uber A” out to get them in the first place?

27. How close are Mary Drake and Elliot?

28. Will Ali survive the mental hospital?

29. How involved  is this romance between Elliot and Charlotte?

30. Is Jenna really coming back?

31. Who was blackmailing Melissa?

32. What is Melissa’s deal, really?

33. Most importantly, where is Hanna?


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