After much disappointment from the season 6A finale of Pretty Little Liars, here I am still watching the show. Why? Because, who are we kidding, I’m addicted. No matter how stupid I think the show is getting or how bored I am with the storylines, I won’t stop watching. I live for Tuesday evenings where I stare at the TV and it’s the only waking hour I refuse to touch my phone each week. Although I won’t stop watching the show, there are so many things wrong with it. Let me explain…


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1. Emily’s father passed away. Wow, let’s kill off the one father that wasn’t a horrible person. I liked Mr. Fields, he was always there for Emily and was a kind person. I get that there’s like a PLL Mom’s thing going on but must they all be single?

2. Cece/Charlotte/Charles/WHATEVER is dead. First, it was dumb that they let her out of the hospital. They could have used visits to the hospital for so many storylines! If that wasn’t bad enough, now she gets killed. I’m bored.

3. Emily got jipped in life big time. She always worked so hard keeping up her grades, working hard in sports, and balancing a part time job. While everyone else got to go to college and get amazing jobs, here she is bartending and selling her eggs. What kind of message is this sending to young girls? Work hard WILL get you far!

4. Aria is still dumb. Once again she’s in the middle of a conflict of interest by dating her colleague (at least this time it’s legal). If that’s not enough, she returns to Rosewood and starts sneaking around town with Ezra again. Girl. Stop.

5. Ali isn’t dead. Like, really. I’m sick of this girl. She doesn’t care about her friends AT ALL. She’s toned down her attitude substantially but she still doesn’t care about anyone but herself. And she continues to bring drama into everyone’s lives, even after they’ve moved far away to get away from it.

6. They didn’t follow up on the 6A finale cliffhanger. In addition to all the other answers they left out, I wanted to know who Ali ended up marrying, she wasn’t writing “Mrs. DiLaurentis” on the chalkboard. And who was the “he” who was back? Uh, hello, I. Marlene King? Was this your way to get us to keep watching through season 7, even though we are EXTREMELY PISSED OFF?


7. This show is unrealistic about post-college life. No one actually works in the field they studied in school. DUH. Toby doing handyman work is about the only example I’d call normal. Except the whole, quitting high school and becoming a cop while being a minor thing ya know.


8. Haleb is no more. I’m seriously crushed by this. I think it’s great they are getting along, but they were supposed to get married and have hot babies so I want to throw my remote at the television screen every time I watch.

9. Toby and Spencer are broken up too. I mean, their babies wouldn’t have been as cute as Caleb and Hanna’s, but still, I liked Spoby.


10. Spencer and Caleb are hooking up. WT actual F?! This is not okay on so many levels! Hanna is supposed to be with Caleb! What kind of friend is Spencer to do such a thing? Granted she used to hook up with all of Melissa’s ex boyfriends. I can’t say I’m shocked at Spencer but very much Caleb. And the fact that Hanna is encouraging it is not okay either! This all just makes me so upset and I want to write the show instead. Like for real, I’ll do it for free – just let me fix the story.


How can Hanna hate her? She’s such a…………..SLUT!

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Although I totally hate it, be sure to watch ‘Pretty Little Liars’ on FREEFORM (which we’re not even going to get into right now, because that pisses us off for different reasons) every Tuesday night at 8pm/7pm Central.


Kylie is a 23 year old wedding coordinator who lives in Arizona. In her free time, she likes to work out, volunteer at an animal shelter, read, and watch Netflix. She can't go a day without quoting Mean Girls. You can follow her @kylijoh_

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