This week’s PLL was… interesting to say the least. And by interesting, I mean slightly annoying. Can we fast forward 3 weeks to when #AliTellsAll? No? Okay.


Well. Talk about “the crazy ex.”

Last night Aria went ahead and proved that girls are nutz post-breakup when she broke into and TRASHED Ezra’s apartment. And when I say trashed, I mean TRASHED. Not just threw some stuff on the ground and maybe, like, broke a computer… but shattered glass and whipped furniture and lamps everywhere. After her attack, the apartment looked like a tornado went through it. Like a literal tornado. And she was just sitting in it when her friends casually broke into Ezra’s apartment too. If I trashed someone’s apartment I would LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Like, GTFO. NOW. But she just stayed and hung out.


Before leaving, cray cray Spencer stuck around too to steal some pictures (which could make it appear as though she killed Ali). Why was no one worried that Ezra was going to come home? Yeah Aria knew he was away… but what if he teleported home (you never know)? What if his mom or brother or SOMEONE walked in? I don’t understand.

Later on, Aria said was going to skip town. Just keep driving until… IDK. No one in this show believes in school and/or has parents. WHAT THE HELL. Like I understand your ex-bf SUCKS big time, but get over it. You already got revenge. He was a creep and you are hotter than him. FIND SOMEONE YOUR OWN AGE. Like Jake. What happened to Jake?

Now for the big question – Should Aria tell someone that Ezra should go to jail for statutory rape? Hmm, maybe, yes? I mean isn’t this book that is coming out going to make things bad for her? Why not make things bad for Ezra too? The book is going to say that one of these girls may have killed Ali (possibly – I think – right?)… sooooooooo it’s not like positive publicity is going to come out of this.

NOT TO MENTION – Ezra can’t just go back to teaching in Rosewood now that it’s revealed to his students that they were research… as was his job… And how can it not be revealed that he had a relationship with Ali and these girls. DIDN’T THE BOOK SAY HE KISSED HER? WASN’T SHE LIKE 14? HELP I CANT – SOMEONE PLEASE.


For a while, I have thought that Spencer was the one who attempted to kill Ali. I mean could it not be more obvious in the barn scene from the first episode? But in last night, they basically stated that Spencer very well might have killed Ali. This means that (dun dun dun) she probably didn’t… because whenever something seems too obvious on the show, it usually isn’t correct.

But anyway – Spencer is a freak and she needs help. Get help Spencer. Please.

Also, did A give her addys or something else?


Where was Paige for the last million episodes and why she is back in Emily’s life like nothing happened? I don’t understand. A few questions: 1. How did she find Emily at the bank? 2. Why is she questioning her about money? 3. Why does she so freely talk about A and not worry about herself? Like, yeah Emily could be in trouble – but you could be in even more trouble with A if you keep it up, you dumb bitch. and 4. Where does she get off taking money from her girlfriend and saying she’s going to bring it to the cops? If I was Emily, I would have grabbed the money out of Paige’s hand, slapped her in the face (or balls, because she may or may not have them – like actually have them), and been like go the fuck away – I can definitely do better than you.

Why Emily feels like she has to tell Paige Alison is alive is a mystery to me. Why didn’t she just say the money was for her mom or dad or it was part of some big family secret that she just can’t share with Paige. I mean come on Emily – you are a pretty little liar. Where are those skills you’ve been perfecting the past four seasons? Paige made a huge mistake by dropping Ali’s address in the police car. I honestly thought she might be A until she gave the address away to the cops. Like, someone yell Timber – Paige is (hopefully) going down.


I questioned where Baldy McShortHair went last week, but he is back — suit and tie and all. Is he cute? I can’t decide. Anyway, Hannah has some mildly boring story line going on right now that I don’t really care about. What happened to her mom? You know, the one who was in jail??? That story was more interesting than newly-innocent-Hannah crushing on some boring random and accidentally kissing a cop. You know what would be more interesting? If she had sex with the cop… or gave him a BJ, idk. I see where this is going. Love triangle between Hannah, baldy mcshort hair, and cop. But what about Caleb? Don’t tell me she’s over him. As far as I’ve seen, she hasn’t gotten on top of anyone else yet. And Ravenswood got cancelled, so isn’t he going to come back? I mean, if he doesn’t that’s really fucking stupid. But I guess he took a risk. Leaving the wildly successful show PLL for some stupid sci-fi “spin-off” that was on at the same time as New Girl and Mindy Project. Ugh, B-list actors. So conceited. So naive.

ANWAY… did Ezra really love Aria? Did Spencer kill Ali while she was blacked out on addys (is that even possible – to black out on addys?)?

ANSWERS COMING SOON. #AliTellsAll in 3 weeks. I can’t wait is an understatement.


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