This episode seemed like beginning of the end. The liars are lying to each other now — keeping secrets that might just tear them apart. It’s almost like A doesn’t want to kill them, he/she/they just want them to be alone. Spencer’s the only one who seems to be realizing this, after her revelation that Toby is in fact on the A team and was simply using her for, like, a year (one year to be exact). Here’s what went down, what we found out, and what absolutely no sense (as nothing ever does) on this week’s PLL.

Spencer has cracked.

Spencer is slowly turning into a legit psychopath who doesn’t seem to give a fuck about anything or anyone and I love it. Still not able to admit her defeat/stupidity, Spence keeps Toby’s secret to herself and only tells Emily (unwillingly) that Spoby is ov-y. However, she doesn’t keep Aria’s secret safe from Ezra. After receiving a text from Aria stating Ezra broke up with her after she told him about his secret son, Spence snaps. She walks out of class, conveniently finds Ezra working in a park, and yells at him Gretchen Wieners style for breaking up with Aria because of the baby-daddy secret. WE SHOULD ALL JUST STAB CAESAR. However, Ezra didn’t know anything about a baby. Turns out A sent the text to Spence from Aria’s phone. But… how? Side note: How did this all happen during one school day? More than half way through the episode it was only lunch time. It makes no sense.

Emily wins most caring friend ever.

In a box Emily receives from dead ‘Nate’s’ family, she finds dead Ali’s belongings, which dead Mona most likely found when living in the DiLaurentis house. Why is everyone dead? While rummaging through the box’s contents, the girls find Ali’s biology notebook (which actually had chemistry notes in it) and it reveals some crAzy stuff — including a flashback to Toby’s days in juvi when he wore du-rags and turned down hot girls such as Rosewood’s favorite bicycle, Ali. Du-rag Toby was by far the best thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. He looks like Channing Tatum in Step Up minus the good looks.

You say you a #gangstA…

The notebook also features notes written back and forth between Ali and CeCe (which makes no sense because they didn’t go to school together) about a certain ‘beach hottie’ Ali encountered during a Summer trip to Cape May. Emily of course turns to the blonde socialite for more info — and boy does she get just that. Em finds out that Ali might have been preggers at the time of her death… And after she turns in the notebook to the police station (where her mom now works… what?), she finds out that the oh-so-creepy detective Wilden might have been the baby daddy! Did Ali’s possible pregnancy get her killed? And if the baby was Wilden’s, did he kill her? Or did Jason? Remember when Wilden told Emily’s mom a story about how he saw someone get murdered once? Maybe that someone was Ali. Maybe Jason was so mad at Ali for being a whore that he actually beat her to death. Did these people ever hear of an abortion? Anyway, bitch is prob still alive, so whatevs.

Detective Hannah gets herself into trouble.

Hannah wins best plot line of the night after ending up at a lesbian bar. She thinks she’s following Paige and Caleb there, but she’s actually just following Paige… who is clearly cheating on Emily. Hannah successfully avoids Paige and her secret GF at the bar, but winds up getting IDed with a ‘pink drink’ in hand. Hannah’s mom (where was she the past couple of weeks?!) had some of the best lines PLL has ever seen this week including, ‘What’s a pink drink? Is it code for something gay?‘ Ahh. Love her. Hannah doesn’t tell Emily what she found out at the bar… It’s only a matter of time until A does, though! Idiots.

Is this the end of Ezria?

Obviously Ezra is dealing with a lot of shit after finding out he has a 6 or 7 year old son, Aria. You can’t expect him to be all like ‘I still love you even though you’re only 10 years older than my CHILD.’ Also, why would you ask your own boyfriend if you can text him while he’s away? Who asks for permission to text? Clearly not Kourtney Kardashian. She’s in therapy for it. When Ezra leaves to go meet his son he starts crying and tells Aria ‘we’ll talk soon.’ The future for Ezria is not looking so bright.

Did Spencer craigslist a hit man?

Spencer meets with a random guy who can be one of two things: a P.I. or a hit man. I’m rooting for a hit man, but I’m sure it’s just the family’s casual P.I… But after telling Aria they deserve to be hurt after keeping all these secrets, who knows what she’s capable of. Although she did have a point — Why do the liars bother keeping secrets when A’s just going to spill the beans anyway? Sigh. Anyway, Spence gives the man the ‘A’ key and a picture of Toby. What will he find out?!

This week’s A-montage involved someone lighting dolls on fire. What is with the fucked up doll house theme on TV this week? First Girls. Now Pretty Little Liars. What’s next?

We are now led to assume Wilden has something to do with Ali’s death… but did you see next week’s teaser? It looks like Emily killed Ali. What?! If we’re going to start pointing fingers, I think it’s safe to put Spencer as a suspect too. She’s pretty fucking closet-evil. God, I hope she goes over to the dark side. Spencer in a black hoodie would be sooo hot. Anyway, it seems like all the girls are going to soon be single except Hannah. Or will that come to a close soon, too? What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments!

And just because I can’t stop thinking about it…


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  1. I think Wilden is way more involved than anyone thought. He’s been creepy from the start but no one suggested that he had more in mind than just making the girls cringe.

    I kinda like how Spencer and Emily are taking charge and not letting A call the shots. I don’t think it’s a good idea that Spencer is making her PI focus on just Toby.

    And yeah…what was up with next week’s promo!?! There’s no way Emily killed Ali, but it does mean that she was in her backyard the night she died.

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