Spencer left Radley.

For reasons unknown, Spencer left Radley and went home to continue her mission on the A team… which we eventually found out was a hoax to be reunited with Toby, who is still alive. Girl is/was desp. What we didn’t find out though is why, when, and how she left Radley. Last we saw her, she was creepin’ around the halls of Radley using an effing treasure map. Like, what happened to E. Lamb? And Wren? And that whole plot? I’m so confused.

Spencer is also a faux-A.

Spencer invites the girls to a party her parents were supposedly holding in honor of her return from Radley, but we later find out the party is just a ploy to get all the liars in one place together so ‘the bitches can get what’s been coming to them.’ If Spencer can get all the girls to attend the party, Mona will give her Toby as a reward… so she of course follows orders. Have no fear, though, because Spencer is obv one step ahead of the A team and goes behind Mona’s back to stealthily fill her friends in on her plan — eventually getting them to figure out that not only is she part of the A team, but she is only doing it to get the inside scoop… and to casually fuck Toby in a cheap motel — but that is neither here nor there. I must ask though… how does Mona not know about ‘this’ motel? And how did Spencer get away with just staying the night at Toby’s? And not going to school? I know her parents are never home, but aren’t they supposed to be with this whole faux-party thing going on?

Shana + Jenna + Melissa = ?

Sooo we thought Shana was just this lesbian bitch trying to get in the way of Emily and Paige, but oh no — she is much more than that. Emily spotted all three girls talking in Jenna’s house about the videos that Melissa wants to get rid of (what is on those videos?!) and how – like Mona said – the bitches are going to get what’s coming to them at the faux Hastings party. They even had the invitation! We know from the beginning of the episode that Jenna and Shana are dating or something, and Jenna is still pretending she’s half blind, but maybe there is some sick threesome going on between the girls. Who knows.

The liars find out Spencer’s A-ffiliation from mAlcolm.

Last week we decided that Malcolm was A. I’m not throwing that theory away yet (this is, like, a half joke),  but he did help the liars uncover a secret so props to him. Spencer knew that Hanna was babysitting Malcolm (which was decided during a hilarious meeting between her and Ezra) and sent a picture of herself to Hanna. Malcolm then told Hanna Spencer was ‘Alison’ — the girl who took him to the carnival slash kidnapped him. To find out whether or not Spencer was really on A’s side, Hanna wore a red coat through the Rosewood High halls and had Spencer follow her into the bathroom (through all the red coats). Once she did, she was bombarded by all the liars and then told them her true motives — she joined the A team to fuck Toby save her friends. While explaining the situation, Aria said — and I quote — ‘so Mona made you an offer you couldn’t refuse?‘ Did anyone else catch this? What is this? The Godfather? They then plan a mission for the night of the party, where they will all trick Mona and then find out who red coat is… because, as Toby said, she’s in charge.

Ezria is NO MORE.

Ezra took a job to be a sub at Rosewood High, so obv he can’t be with Aria anymore. I find it hard to believe he can’t find a job anywhere else… but whatever. This whole breakup is really sad. And confusing — especially when they have a goodbye makeout sesh in the school’s hallway. And then when Ezra becomes a sub for Aria’s class. Like, doesn’t everyone in the class know that they bang? Or used to. Weirdddd. This plot line totally didn’t go with the rest of the episode… butttttt whatever. Also — did anyone catch Aria saying they had seven more months until graduation? It’s only November? Really?

The liArs gAng up on MonA… and fail miserAbly. 

In a hilarious scene at the mansion housing the ‘party,’ Spencer and Toby make out as Mona rolls her eyes and asks them where the girls are. Toby plays along and even shows Mona a video of the girls in their dresses getting ready for the party (why was Aria wearing fur? she really does think she’s in the mob). He even goes as far to take Spencer away pretending to be evil, and Mona says something along the lines of ‘you’re going to die.’ Hmm. After they leave, though, Hanna, Em, and Aria come out of nowhere and gang up on Mona (they even changed to do this — but into jeans and boots… not sweats and sneakers… idiots). The house then starts to go up in flames and they find there’s no way out. The pyro locked all the doors! Meanwhile, Mona is scared she is going to die because she’ll never find out who red coat is… WHAT? Everyone else is pretty calm though. Way too calm to be locked in a house full of flames.

Alison sAves the girls… but Also is reveAled as red coAt!

Red coat AKA big A AKA leader of the A team… whatever… is on her way to fuck shit up and ruin the liars (so everyone seems to think). Toby helps lead Spencer into the woods where red coat is due to land so she can get a look at her face so everyone can know who she is. Red coat is flying a fucking jet and landing in the middle of the woods like an alien space ship. Did that really happen? At this point, I kinda knew it would be Alison because of the time Aria met with that guy who taught Alison how to fly… and then flew in a jet with him. But anyway, after Spencer sees that it is most definitely Alison, she watches her pull the passed out liars (Mona included) out of the fire, saving them. BUT HOW? The flames were like way too crazy and, umm, four teenage girls weigh a decent amount. She must be doing CrossFit or something. After Alison escapes, Mona, Spencer, and Hanna all reveal that they saw her — in the flesh. Alison is red coat. Meaning — bitch isn’t dead!

WHAT was in that trunk?

As the liars drive away from the crime scene (as usual), they see the very cop car that Aria and Hanna stealthily pushed into a lake. It is still playing the police video on a loop… which is IMPOSSIBLE because it was underwater. The car itself looks like The Titanic does now. Anyway, the video had additional footage on it this time — We see Jenna and Shana saving Wilden after Hanna’s mom drove off. Whaaaat? But why? How are they related to this at all? I told you guys Jenna would be back. All of them (Mona too) then receive a text saying ‘you’re mine’ from A and when they open the trunk… they scream. But, umm, what was in the trunk? You’re really going to leave us with such an intense cliffhanger? What is this? 1994?

The Hand

We then see a hand. Coming from the ground. The same hand we’ve seen before. You know — the one that looks like it’s engaged in an interpretive dance with way too many props (i.e. the ground). This time, though, the hand is helped by someone. And correct me if I’m wrong — but it looks like that someone was wearing a red coat. So, uhh, WHAT?


So many questions. SO MANY QUESTIONS. And sooo many theories. Where do we begin?

First, we still don’t know who was responsible for that house fire. Was it Jenna, Shana, and Melissa? The three were planning to do something at the party — we just didn’t know what. We also saw someone, dressed in black, running through the woods who knocked Toby out and left him to look like the arsonist — proving for sure that whoever did set the house on fire does not like Toby. It couldn’t have been Alison, right? She saved all the girls from the fire. Unless that was all part of the plan… Perhaps Alison has all these people working for her and is just fucking with everyone because she’s bored. But people have died… so probably not.

So how would Alison still be alive and why would she want to hurt her friends? Well here’s theory number 1: The four liars thought they killed Ali and buried her, but they actually buried her alive (hence the hand coming out of the ground) and she never died, so she is now out to get them. If you get a chance, watch the first episode of the entire series. That barn scene seems extremely rehearsed — kind of like their scene from last night’s season finale getting ready for the Hastings’ party or the night they lied about the lake house. The last scene of the episode is also extremely sketchy. They meet Wilden and he is on to them — and the liars think they know why. They never refer to ‘the Jenna thing’ and even so, that wouldn’t have mattered in the murder case. So, like, they sooo did it. They are the liars, right? They MUST be lying to us too (the viewer). Watch the video here:

Theory number 2: They actually killed her secret/long lost twin and that is why Alison is still alive. Theory number 3: The liars were too drunk to remember what they did. I mean — remember Emily’s memory that she killed Alison? Sure we shrugged it off, deciding she was confusing it with another memory… but maybe we shouldn’t have.

Then we have the theories that the liars didn’t actually kill/attempt to kill Ali. It sometimes seems as though A is helping the liars in her own twisted, rude way (kind of like Alison did when she was alive). This time, she saves them from a fire — and then shows them footage of Jenna and Shana being bAd in the cop car… and also shows them something else in the trunk… which could be a dead body (Alison’s twin, actual Alison, CeCe, Jason, Hanna’s mom, the possibilities are endless) or something else. Maybe Alison was buried alive by someone else. Maybe it was Jenna/Mona/Wilden/Shana? Who knows.

As for the ‘A team,’ I’m not really sure what’s going on with that anymore. It seems as though we have two teams that aren’t connected… or maybe they are. Who knows. Mona tells the liars that ‘red coat’ (who we now know as Alison) came along after she was placed in Radley and they decided to work together after Alison said she would show her how to easily get in and out of the place. Mona never knew who red coat was, though, because she was always wearing a mask. I find this hard to believe because how does one red coat get into Radley wearing a mask? And wasn’t Mona working with someone prior to Radley? There was definitely a higher power prior to Mona’s stint in Radley. As for Jenna/Shana/Melissa/Wilden, they are clearly on one team together. Maybe they were on Mona’s team — but chose to rid of her after she failed getting the liars where they were supposed to be? Or maybe they’re all working for Alison without knowing it. One things for sure — Jenna/Shana/Melissa were all about hurting/killing the liars… But why? Not to mention — Mona was too. But now she’s all BFF with them? I mean, come on. Why did the liars trust Mona enough to bring her with them on a joy ride? She tried to kill them too! Something isn’t right.

Something also isn’t right with Toby. And Spencer can seriously do much better. A GUY IS NOT WORTH THIS MUCH TROUBLE. So, is Toby good? No idea. He claims to be. He even helped Spencer out in the woods and is now being framed as the arsonist… BUT he was called pretty eyes at the diner. And unless there are multiple pretty eyes out there, this is pretty pretty pretty sketch. See for yourself:

One more thing — Since Toby’s not dead… who is?

What are your thoughts and theories?! What do you think is going to happen next. I don’t think I can wait until June to find out, so let’s try to solve the mystery in the comments! Share away 🙂


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  1. So now that I re-watched that diner video with D-Sull, I have a question: Does anyone think that maybe Toby was the patient she had and figured out was A? With “extreme thoughts of revenge” or whatever? I mean she says it was Mona afterwards, but now we know that Mona wasn’t “pretty eyes.” Soooo maybe Tobes really is evil? I don’t know. Something isn’t sitting well with me.

    And if Caleb is in the trunk, I will legit have a Spencer-inspired meltdown. But I’m thinking maybe it’s CeCe, and they’re framing Hanna/Caleb/Ashley for the murder.


  2. ConfusedPLL Reply

    I have been thinking all along how Spencer got out of Radley…. Why didn’t she get out sooner? Hopefully we find out in Season 4 – maybe Wren has something to do with it. I don’t like to make any predictions about the show – every guess is wrong, but you can def tell which characters are a bit strange. I don’t think Ezra, Wes, Caleb, etc are part of the A team. We all love some good romance, so I think some characters are put in the show for that purpose.

    I don’t think Red Coat has anything to do with the A team (especially if it is Alison). Wasn’t she receiving messages from A to begin with? So confusing!

    Toby as “pretty eyes”… When i first heard that in Season 2, I thought, “Way to narrow it down, half the people on the show have pretty eyes!” Aria, Toby, Allison, Hanna… Def did not think of Mona so that was a shock when they revealed her as part of the A team. I think Toby has been blackmailing Dr. Sullivan, for her to go along with Mona as being the main one to mess with the girls. What did “pretty eyes” hand to Dr. Sullivan? It was an envelope, but with what? Also, remember Toby had been seeing a therapist (in season 1); Hanna found this out while working for the dentist. I also think Toby found out about Hanna being given the babysitter job because the girls are always being followed – there is little that they do that goes unnoticed. I don’t think Ezra would be twisted enough to put his own son in danger.

    Anyways, def liked your post. Raised alot of the same questions I had. I hope we find out answers to all of them as the show progresses.

    – Confused PLL

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