Another week of Pretty Little Liars, another week of stress, excitement, and withdrawal once the episode is over. In this week’s episode, the liars begin to investigate exactly who Charles DiLarentis is, which leads to getting Jason involved (praise Jesus hallelujah, I love him). Andrew also gets off the hook…which is acca-awkward after Aria made an incriminating (and false) statement against him – but it’s discovered that he was adopted. Sarah Harvey is staying with Emily and her mom, and A threatens to kill her when the liars meet with Dr. Sullivan. Ali begins talking to Officer Calderon, Toby’s partner, and Toby is suspicious of it. At this point of my five years of PLL Addiction, I have so many feels…

First off, Lorenzo Calderon. I don’t trust this guy. In the history of this show, cops being involved with high school girls is a red flag (Wilden, Garret, Holbrook, and yes, even Toby). And I don’t know why, but for some reason his personality reminds me of Nate, or should I say, Lyndon James. Remember this guy?


I am so beyond confused about Sarah Harvey. Why doesn’t her family really want her? And when the liars met her friends they learned she had a life and a clique of her own before she went missing.  So why is she drawn to Rosewood? And how is she connected to the liars? Why did Charles take her?

Which leads to my rant about Charles. This whole Charles concept just came out of left field. But I do have a theory. If you’re anything like me, you did your research back in 2010 and tried ruining the show for yourself by either reading the books or reading summaries. (Thank God Sara Shepard and I. Marlene King are awesome and changed the story!) SPOILER ALERT: In the books, Ali is a twin and her sister was in the loony bin, killed her sister and escaped, then posed as Ali. I’m thinking that idea is what we are going to see happen with Jason, kind of. I think it was Charles we saw tending to the stab wound Aria gave him with a screw driver when she was about to be pushed off the train in a crate by who we thought was Jason and (I am almost positive) Melissa. By the way, WHERE TF IS MELISSA? She has all the answers. I know she does.


To go deeper into the Charles theory, ever notice that Jason is the only member of the N.A.T. club (throwback to Season 1) that is still alive? I really want Jason to be a good guy as you can tell, so maybe Charles was protecting his twin brother. Can we tie that loose end?! But why was Charles so obsessed with Ali? Why not Jason?


I have no idea what is going on with Andrew. Yeah, sure, he’s not guilty of running the Dollhouse, but now we find out he’s adopted. What is that going to lead into us finding out? Also, let me just say I don’t understand why everyone is mentioning how smart Aria is. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE ARIA. I just don’t think she makes the smartest moves. She totally threw Andrew under the bus for no reason, throwing the investigation off.

I will give her some credit though, she helped Ali find the hidden picture with her family – including “Charlie”. Which leads to the end of the episode, where Alison and Jason interrogate Mr. DiLarentis about the other boy in the photo. We all know thank you to next week’s teaser that he tells them Charlie died, but no one is ever dead unless you’ve seen the body in this show.

Now that I’m done being Nancy Drew, I’d love to hear what everyone thinks. Leave a reply below with your thoughts about PLL!


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