Why are you still single?

Jen Glantz of The Things I Learned From has the answer…


Dating is awkward. Dating is fun. Dating is embarrassing. Dating is… something people have to go through in order to find a person they can stand being in the same room with as they clip their toenails and STILL want to have sex with after.

Jen’s eBook All My Friends Are Engaged features a collection of her own dating disaster stories — yes, they are all true. If you have ever been on a date you will relate.

These days, it seems like everyone is getting engaged. Every Sunday its like a whirlwind of Facebook posts that so-and-so are engaged and pictures of giant diamonds on small fingers (Instagrammed, obv) take over my newsfeed. Every time this happens I’m like fuck. I am broke and can’t even afford a book shelf. How do people afford engagement rings, nevermind WEDDINGS? But then I remember a lot of people out there are single and have no desire to get engaged any time soon… and Jen’s ebook reassures that on all levels. Just because 3 people out of your 956 friends got engaged last weekend doesn’t mean EVERYONE’S getting engaged. I bet more than 100 of your 956 friends had an awkward date, one-night-stand, or drunken make out at a bar last weekend… they just don’t broadcast it on Facebook with Instragram pics and timeline changes.

All My Friends Are Engaged will make all single 20-somethings feel better about their single (or un-engaged) lives. I recommend reading on a Sunday after x-ing out of the multiple engagement announcements in the upper right hand corner of your Facebook newsfeed page.

To the dude who Jen ends up with one day: you are one lucky guy. I just feel bad for you right now, because what 20-something girl would like something more than her computer and pizza? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I would rather have late night drunken pizza than a late night drunken hookup. And Jen agrees. And that is why I like her. And think you should read her book.

So buy it on Amazon and then stop complaining that everyone is getting engaged.

Because they’re not.

You’re not.


Date away, 20-somethings. Date away.

All My Friends Are Engaged is a collection of dating disaster stories, packed with witty and relatable answers to the age-old annoying question of “Why are you still single?” All the stories embarrassingly belong to the author, Jen Glantz, who you may have seen before on Thought Catalog, USA TODAY College, Thethingsilearnedfrom.com, or JDate. Follow Jen on twitter @tthingsilearned.


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